9 Best Voice Changers For Discord [Mobile+PC]


As we know discord is an application that allows gamers to talk to each other. In this application, gamers can chat and talk to other gamers while playing games.  You can download discord and enter into a group chat of gamers and play together while talking. In this article, we are going to discuss the best voice changers for discord.

The Discord application uses very little computing compared to other voice and chat applications for gamers. This utility is totally free and can be used on almost all operating systems.

So let us begin!

Free Voice Changers For Discord

Here is the list of best voice changers for discord which you can use to bring a twist in your voice. Let’s go:-

1. Voicemod

If you are looking for the voice changer for discord, then voice mod is a great option for you .voicemod provides you with plenty of filters that will change your voice into a robot or something else. If you are looking for free as well as easy to use the application, then it is the best application to be downloaded. this application too woks on skype, twitch, TeamSpeak, OBS, etc.

The reason to get so much popularity is, it is completely free and it inherits all modern properties of windows and has compatibility with gaming applications like Fortnite, League of Legends, etc. On the installation of the application, automatically Microphone Input Device(Voicemod and Virtual Audio Device) will be added which can be selected from the voice setting of Discord.

2. Clownfish

The basic voice changer for discord is clownfish, it simply changes the voice. Discord is the simple tool that is capable to do everything right. If clownfish had more voice options or feature it would provide great experiences. It is free software that doesn’t require account sign-in.

Clownfish works in every version of windows and its setup is also fast as well. It also inherits some lacks like no additional effect like custom pitch function whereas some voice accents are tough to understand. It also has a limited girl voice changer for Discord.

3. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

The AV Voice Changer does not suit everyone as it costs money but it is considered as the best tool used for sound for modification and is so easy to use. It provides you with the option like chop, edit, changes, and re-pitch the sound as well as your own sound too, it works offline too. Similar to the previous application it works with skype, Twitch, Steam or any other voice chatting app on PCs.

If you need some more features within the voice changer then AV voice changer is the best option but it is a little expensive which worths ($99).


MorphVox is the finest voice changer for Discord PC with added effects and built-in sound features. MorphVox would be most liked one if it would not restrict its most features to the paid version. The free version is good but it lacks in comparison to a paid one.

It uses little bandwidth and CPU power, its custom shortcuts makes the usage of the tool easier. Morphvox paid version is too much expensive whereas its user interface seems weird and clunky and it is unintuitive in the installation process.

5. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal is one of the best voice changers for Discord and a fine voice changing software which is mostly preferred by the users. I.n order to the free version it also has a paid one which is not much expensive. It contains some fine voice presets for girls, boys as well as robots too, on the other hand, it can be used as a sound editing tool for existing recorded audio files. Its user interface makes it unique as well as its advanced features makes it more superior.

It is also preferred as voice disguiser for anonymity, when playing games or while video chatting. it also has commercial voxel voice changer plus for$29.9.

6.Voice changer with effects

This is a unique voice changer for android without any cost. It provides a lot of fun and this is one of the apps to download to your smartphone. you can preview and modify your own recorded voice as well can share on the apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Discord.

If you like voice changing then it is a good option. this app has over 50 million downloads on Goggle Playstore and it is a very interesting app.

7. Super Voice Changer

Super Voice Changer is the lightweight desktop version in the voice changing process. It doesn’t contain any voice presets, you can manually change settings to develop a custom voice. Its main feature is that it allows any type of customization as well as it is quite fast.

A super voice changer in order with Discord is capable of many other services as well.

8. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

If you are interested in robotic life then RoboVox is an app for you to look at. It is an interesting app at a small cost for your android. It has unique vocoder technology, this technology allows you to play with sound to get the pitch by using the X/Y control pad before you share it with your friends. This software even allows you to set your voice as a ringtone.

It also provides the feature to set different voices for every individual in your contact.

9. Discord Voice Changer

Discord Voice changer consists of an easy to to use system with a simple interface. This software does not have its own official website. Connecting this tool with Discord is simple and selecting a voice is easy and fast.

It uses very little CPU. It is hard to install and finding a stable version is difficult. Ovia Games, its developer has left the business.

9 Best Voice Changers for Discord in 2020

Below is a comprehensive list of the best realtime voice changers for Discord for gamers.

  1. VoiceMod
  2.  Clownfish
  3. AV voice changer Software  Diamond
  4. MorphVox
  5. Voxal Voice changer
  6. Voice changer with effects
  7. Super voice changer
  8. Roblox voice changer pro
  9. Discord Voice changer


In this article, we discussed the best voice changers for Discord. You can trust these utilities as they are tried and tested by our team. If you still have confusion regarding this software, then you can discuss it with us in the comments section. We will surely help you there. These softwares are safe and secure.