Among Us Mod APK v2020.9.9: Mod +See Chat+ Speed +All Unlocked Download for Android


Among Us is precisely is one of the most famous and most played online multiplayer social deduction games, which is developed by American game studio InnerSloth and got firstly released on June 15, 2018. The entire game is space-themed where the Crewmates have the only goal to find the Impostor defeat them and keep track of the whole task entered in their map. To make a note of Crewmates have to beware from the Impostor’s attack that will stay unidentified.

among us mod apk
This fantastic multiplayer game which allows 4 to 10 players to play simultaneously and among them 1 to 3 players will get chosen as the Impostors is finally out with a new upgraded version that is v2020.9.9. In this new version, the action game will get introduced with recording game option, which will increase your fan base at a very high rate for sure. As in the previous versions too, this version will also have a voting option trough which the Crewmates can identify an Impostor among them exclusively. If you are not sure about voting for a particular Crewmate, then you can avoid or skip this option.
A crew of selected ten members will play for the entire journey that is one game to find the betraying member before they attempt to kill you or any rest of the Crewmate. The new game comes with new features and different techniques, which does not only make it user friendly but also finding ghost will be an easy task.

Features of Among Us Mod APK v2020.9.9

among us mod apk

  • Unlimited Emergency Meetings and Chat:

If you are not the selected Impostor, then this moded version is undoubtedly a helping hand for you. As you will be able to chat as well as see the ghost, which does not only provide excellent interaction among other Crewmates but will make this game more fun.

  • No Kill Cooldown :

In this moded Among Us apk version, there would be No Kill Cooldown, so players have to not wait anymore for Kill Cooldown.

  • No Leave Penalty:

In the previous versions, this was something, which annoyed many players at a worldwide range, so finally, this upgraded version is very well known for having No Leave Penalty at all.

  • Speed and Chat Visibility:

In the version, 2020.9.9, not only the Speed hack got unlocked, but apart from that now we players will also exclusively have our Chat Visibility hack unlocked now.

  • End Vote

End Vote is anabled in the Among us mod apk, so no tension of getting ejacted.

  • Always Imposter hack

Track and identify your using this great inbuilt imposter hack. It is always enabled in the Among us Mod apk that you gonna to download.

  • unlimited Skins

Get Unlimited skins in the Among us by just download our modded version of among us mod apk and then get unlimited skin in your account.

  • Unlimited Pets

Get unlimited Pets that you want want by just downloading and installing our Among us mod apk

  • Unlimited Hats

Get Unlimited Hats in your account using Among us mod apk.

  • No Ads

There are no ads in the Modded version among us Apk Hack. So just download and install and enjoy game without any third party ads in the game.

  • Torch Distance
  • Complete Tasks
  • End Game (Imposter and Crew Win)
  • Able to re-join banned lobby

Some other fantastic features of the newly updated Among Us Mod APK are:

1. Impostor hack
2. Unlimited Skins, Pets and Hats are now available with this APK file.
3. Torch Distance
4. Complete the tasks
5. Players will now be allowed to rejoin the banned lobby in this upgraded version
6. End Game (Impostor win)
7. End Game (Crew win)

Steps to download Among Us Mod APK v2020.9.9

1. Firstly, you would have to uninstall the previously downloaded and installed version of this game. Once uninstalled, you would be ready to follow the following steps to download and install this incredible version.
2. There is a downloading link given below in this article on which you have to click on to download the Among Us Mod APK v2020.9.9.
3. Go on further installing the version in your device.
4. Finally, open the game, and enjoy the game’s new version and do share your experience with others so that others can download this game.

How to login your ID after installing Among Us Mod APK? (Root and Non-Root)

Root Users :-

Root Users can simply login like in the original version. There is no such a specific problem to sign in for root users.

Non- Root Users :-

Non-Root users can not sign in using using Google+ in Among us Mod APK. They can only login through facebook but to login using facebook they firstly have to remove the Facebook from the device then only they will be able to login using facebook.

Download link of Among Us Mod APK:

There are two mod versions of Among us Mod APK one is for Non-Root Users and other is for root users. Root users can simply sign in using there Google or facebook ID but Non-root users can only login through Facebook ID. Also to login using Facebook firstly you have to remove Facebook from your device then only you will be able to login using facebook.

Download Among Us Mod APK (Non-Root Version)

Download Among Us Mod APk (Root Version)

A special thanks to Platinmods Team for creating the mod of Among Us apk.

If you follow the above steps mentioned in the download and installation section of the latest version, you will be able to understand the procedure of finding the download link.


among us mod apk

Among Us, Mod APK v2020.9.9 has been ruling every player’s heart from all over the world ever since it has got launched and this apk version adds more spice to it. More upgraded characters, updated techniques, unlimited Skins, unlimited Hats, unlimited Pets, and the three Dimensional formats blend perfectly together. Develop your unique personal strategy, join with amazing Crewmates, vote a Crewmate as an Impostor and most importantly survive and find the Impostor before being killed. The games also provide you with an option to block straight away any player if he/she use rude comments and do no cooperate with other players in the team. Much more facilities will get provided in this version, and surely it is indeed attracting many users around the world. Many have been joining and playing this mind-blowing game so get ready to have fun with your teammates and friends.

FAQ regarding Among us Mod APK :-

1. Is there a possibility to see ads in Among us Mod APK?

Answer: No, the version does not support any promotion activities.

2. Do I need a new login Id?

Answer: If you are a root user, then you can easily log in with your id which you used in the previous version. Non-root users can log in using Google+ in Among Us Mod APK.

3. Will my data be hacked using this version?

Answer: No, as this excellent version will not track your behaviour or date in any way.

4. Will the player be blocked by using this Among us Mod APk version?

Answer: No, as no such official statement made yet. A player will be only blocked by other players in the team if misbehaved.

5. What about Root and non-root version of Among us Mod APK?

Ans :- Using Root version you can be able to login simply, there is no issue regarding login in root version of among us mod apk but your device must be rooted in order to use root version of Among us Mod APK. In non-root version you can not login through G+ ID but can login through facebook but you have to remove or disable Facebook app from your device.

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