Ark: Survival Evolved: Cheats and Console Commands


The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world and is showing no signs of slowing down. After wreaking the better part of 2020, the virus will stay for some more time at least. The virus is making everyone crazy and has turned our lives topsy-turvy. For the first time in our lives, we have ample time on our hand, but nothing to do with it. Many have turned to video games to fill the void in their lives. However, most games these days are very graphic intensive and feature a gut-load of violence. These games do not suit everyone. After all, a game is to act as a stressbuster, not add on to our already hectic life. Ark: Survival Evolved is a game which provides a light experience while also having a tinge of seriousness to it.

However, not all of us have the patience and time to devote to a video game. Most of us search for cheats and commands that can save us time. Today, we look at the tricks and console commands available for Ark: Survival Evolved.

Ark: Survival Evolved: Overview

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action video game based on the concept of survival. You can play the game either in the first-person or third-person mode. Ark: Survival Evolved takes place on an island, where you have to protect yourself from prehistoric animals. The game is played either on foot or by riding an animal. The exciting part is that the whole game takes place in ancient times.  You can use firearms or weapons to protect yourself from the dangers present on the island. The game also features a multiplayer mode where you can form a tribe with your teammates. Furthermore, there is also a PvE mode, which can host many players; however, none of them can fight each other.

Studio Wildcard developed the game and released it in 2017. The game is available for all major platforms out there, including Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and Nintendo. Developers have released many updates since its release, to make the game easier to play. Ark: Survival Evolved is a mix of two previously released games, Ark Park and PixArk.

Ark: Survival Evolved: Entering Commands

The cheats that we have discussed in the section down below are available for both modes. Firstly, you need to ensure that you have set the correct permissions on your server. If you haven’t, you can always change them in the server setting or with the help of the admin password.

Ark: Survival Evolved: Basic Commands and Cheats

Down below, we have mentioned some of the basic commands and cheats that can help you elevate your game.

  • enablecheats<passcode>: The following command is a must if you wish to use tricks in your game. However, you need to input the code into the admin bar each time you log in to the game.
  • setcheatplayer true: As the name suggests, you can set the ‘cheat player’ using this command. Replace true with false if you wish to disable the ‘cheat player.’
  • admincheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <respective id>: You can add or remove a player from your server list. Player added to your list do not need to enter the password to join the room.
  • admincheat BanPlayer <respective id>: The player gets added to your ban list and can no longer enter your server.
  • ChangeSize <Size Multiplier Value>:  You can make the character smaller or bigger with the help of this command.
  • DebugStructures: This command displays the ID and the structure information when you view a specific structure or building.
  • admincheat DestroyAll <Type>: You can destroy the animals and characters in the game with the help of this cheat.
  • admincheat destroy allenemies: All creatures in your vicinity (except the ones that belong to you) will get damaged.
  • admincheat DoExit: The server will shut down.
  • admincheat DoRestartLevel: The internal map in the game will get reset with the help of this command.
  • admincheat EnemyInvisible True: This command will make you invisible, which protects you from attack. Disabling the control will reset the settings to normal.
  • admincheat fly: Yes, you can fly wherever you wish in the game!
  • GameCommand <command name>: Perhaps the most critical command in the game, the command lets you control any setting.
  • getchat: The admin can view the game chat taking place between the players.

Ark: Survival Evolved: Trailer

Despite the game’s immense fame, many out of you might be hearing Ark for the first time. Well, if you are one of them, don’t worry, we have you covered! We have linked the trailer of the game down below. The trailer offers a lovely insight into the world of Ark. Here is the trailer in all of its glory!

That’s all for today! Don’t worry; we will keep you posted with updates. Until then, continue reading with us!