The Best Soccer Themes for WordPress That Are Sure to Make Sports Fanatics Love Your Site

Soccer is probably one of the most popular sports out there, so it naturally has a huge fan base. Like everybody else, fans of soccer want to know as much as possible about their favorite teams. They get this info through TV and, more often than not, websites. Having a large audience also means many sites on similar topics that still want to be unique.

So, in the spirit of aiding in their efforts, many WordPress themes that fit that particular niche have been designed over the years. You can create a variety of blogs with WordPress. From a page dedicated to one club only to a site dedicated to the whole world of soccer. Whatever you choose, there is a theme that will suit your taste.

Want to make a cool ranking of your favorite soccer player and their statistic? No problem. Make a league table with all the info that your visitors want to see? Again, no problem.

Since we care about everyone, let us introduce you to some of the best ones. Let’s jump in.

1. Real Soccer

Real Soccer demo page

The Real Soccer theme is probably the most effective one out there because it’s both versatile and easy to manage. This amazing theme has some features that most soccer fans are going to appreciate, like creating a player list, a player profile, a league table, or adding fixtures and results 

With these options, you can keep your site professional and informative but cool and in style. Fans will be able to look up anything they desire on your site. Since this theme is so extensive, you can create endless layout combinations because it provides a cutting-edge page builder that will enable you to do that and much more. With this option, you will be able to stand out among all sport-related sites in no time.

There’s so much more to this theme than one would expect at first. It comes with a mega menu included in the pack, so you won’t need any plugins for that. The sidebar is also customizable, and they have 5 options available for you: 16%, 25%, 33%, 41%, and 50%. And 25%, 33% for both sidebar layouts.

As such a well-developed theme, naturally, it’s fully responsive, which means that no matter what device your visitors use, they will have a flawless image on it. Some people just like to browse through a website on their mobile phones from the comfort of their bed or check up on the latest news about their preferred team. Thanks to this theme being fully responsive, that’s not a problem at all.  As is evident from all its features, Real Soccer is amazing for both the owner of the site as well as the visitors. 

Some other features that you will appreciate are:

  • Google Fonts
  • Post format
  • Unlimited sidebar
  • Retina ready
  • Theme customizer
  • Font Uploader
  • Font Awesome

2. Sporty

Sporty demo page

Sporty is a responsive WordPress sport theme suitable for a lot of sports, but we are here for soccer. It has a unique and modern design that will bring your website to life in no time.

Besides its versatility, it comes with the one and only SiteOrigin drag&drop page builder that will give you the freedom to experiment with the design and layout on your own. Creating a stunning website is just as important as the information on it. In case you want to spice it up a little bit with some page loading animations, those are available with fakeLoader. It has 7 different animations to choose from, so finding one shouldn’t be an issue.

The theme also comes with 5 custom widgets and is also compatible with the SiteOrigin Bundle plugin. This specific bundle has over 20 widgets, so if you are not happy with the 5 that the theme provides, you can get 20 additional ones. There is no way your site won’t look professional and slick with this theme, so be sure to check it out yourself.

Some other features that are available with this theme are:

  • Single post pages with full-width or sidebar options
  • Built-in social sharing icons
  • Custom jQuery and CSS3 Animations
  • Google Font support
  • One-click demo import

3. Goal Club

Goal Club preview

As the two others already mentioned on this list, Goal Club is a fully responsive soccer theme that could easily be your favorite. It has teams, players, sports news, and fixtures options that you can manage in just a few clicks. It also comes with fixture management, result management, player management, league points table management, and team management. Every single one of these options comes with 3 different styles. So, if you are just not feeling one option – you will have 2 more to choose from. All of these things are, in reality, rather simple to manage, even though it might seem the contrary at a glance, so there’s no need to worry.

Other than the many niche-specific design option, this theme also comes with unlimited sidebars. This means that you can highlight as many posts as you want. Keep the hottest topic on your sidebars so that your visitors can check it out with a single click.

The advanced page builder is just another great feature included in this theme, which will provide you with amazing tools for structuring your content just the way you like it. Being innovative on your site as well as it being visually appealing is sure to bring you positive feedback from your audience. 

Other features included in this theme you might find interesting are:

  • Full-color customizations
  • Advanced options to enable/disable individual features
  • 2000+ icons
  • Unlimited color options with Backend Color Picker
  • Built-in RTL support
  • One-click demo import – includes XML files

4. Sportimo

Sportimo live preview

And the honorable 4th place on our list goes to Sportimo. It’s a fully responsive theme with a clean and sleek design that will cater to all your needs. Their SEO optimization is quite impressive and probably the best reason to consider it as an option. If you want organic traffic for your site and grow it, then SEO should be your best friend.

A feature included within Sportimo definitely worth mentioning is Visual Composer. It’s a page builder that will save you tons of time with design and editing. There’s also plenty of customization options, such as; creating unlimited sliders, social buttons, tabs, tour sections, image galleries, sidebars, calls to action, and a lot more. With these little helpers, you will be able to make your site stunning, something both you and your visitors will appreciate.

Perhaps not its most surprising feature but certainly worth an honorable mention – this theme also supports Google Ads and AdSense. So if you want some ads on your site and make a few bucks, then this is something that you should look into. 

Some of the other features your site might benefit from are:

  • More than 500 fonts from Google Web Fonts;
  • Dropdown menus
  • Multiple types of making thumbnails
  • Great performance on popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome
  • Powerful and easy to use configuration page
  • Easy shortcode use – insert them only with one click.

5. GoodLife

GoodLife demo page

On the 5th spot of our list, we have GoodLife. It’s a theme that looks rich but also provides simplicity if that’s what you want. The team behind this beautiful theme is actually an exclusive partner to WordPress VIP. With that being said, you can be sure that this theme will be compatible will all WordPress versions in the future. So you never have to worry about the future of this theme – it’s always going to work. 

GoodLife also supports AMP, which is practically a guarantee that your content will load 5 times faster. This is a  crucial element if you want your visitors to enjoy their time on your website. Most people expect the content to load as fast as possible – and by picking this theme, you’ll make that possible.

Not to forget that GoodLife is speed and SEO optimized, and we should all know by now that SEO is a best friend to us all. With just a little bit of research into the topic, your site will become a force to be reckoned with.  And in case you need further convincing, this theme will provide you with a unique base of demos that can be imported with just one click. 

Just a few more features that this theme offers:

  • Tons of customization
  • Translation ready
  • Auto-updates for your themes and Bundled plugins
  • Mega menus 
  • Mega icons
  • PSD files included 


We hope that you are blown away by the themes we have provided for you in this article and that one of them is just the thing you were looking for. Every single one of them is unique in their own way. They all offer a lot, from creating cool rankings to the amazing tools in the admin panel.

Websites are made to connect like-minded people – it is like their own Facebook but just for soccer. So, do not shy away from creating a stunning website with some of the themes. You deserve it – your visitors deserve it.