Boys Are Afraid To Hit On Her Because She’s Too Famous For Them!



Popular singer-actress Selena Gomez and celebrity had confirmed saying that her grandparents were so proud when wrapped Selena + Chef show’s first Season. On the show, she has done all sorts of culinary and cooking adventures, which could not have done and explored if wasn’t for here. But there was a lot of help and guidance from some of the famous chefs, who have taught Selena because of which she had been able to chop, mix, fry, toss, knead, and plate-like aa good chef.

On a talk with Daniel Holzman, Selena Gomez as said that, as he taught Selena how to make a perfect meatball mix, he asked while the time she puts out her music videos that are hit single ‘Boyfriend’, she would have been getting a lot of requests from boys who would be hoping to be her boyfriend. But as the talk with him, Selena has revealed that the reality is allotted differently.

Selena Gomez Prepares an Octopus & Has an Oven Fire in 'Selena + Chef'  Cooking Show Trailer: Watch | Billboard
Source: Billboard

The as she being honest with it the guys are not that bold enough to hit her and those who are bold enough to hit on her are not her type, as she would have wanted to. The guys that she would probably love to hit on her would not dare to do that that they think that they are not near a pop star. She thinks the idea of her being is the star is allot for much of the people. She had made an indication with her statement that allots of boys she loves are quite intimidated by her popularity.

It’s not like that, of which this famous star had spoken of for the first time Selena and also how she told about her love life and relationships on the tv platform. But, it was more not a very sorrowful thing that she has shared. It was about how funny and how she could not find the right boy how this all is a challenge for her. In the premiere episode, she made a query to Chef Ludo Lefebvre and asked him how she would sometime find a good boyfriend, for which the Chef had a perfect response and said he would recommend her to have French boys to her as these boys are so passionate for Selena.