How to Customize Author Information in WordPress Quickly and Easily

Providing great content is a must, but what happens when someone is interested in the person behind the keyboard who wrote the article? The information about them should get the same respect as the articles they write.

If people like an article, they want to see who wrote it and try to get into other articles of that author, and you need to provide them with that option. Maybe they like their style of writing and, maybe understanding a topic better will be easier for them when that person explains it. Whatever it is, they surely want more.

The default WordPress author box is pretty much easy to use and offers the essentials. You can add the social media links of the author, email, bio, and gravatar. It is simple, clean, and effective. You can edit all of those things and put in any information the author provides so that people can link up with that person without a third party.

But if you are a fan of something more customizable, cool, and simple, we have just the thing for you. It has everything you asked for and more!

So bear with us for a little while longer!

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box landing page

Simple Author Box – the name itself says a lot about it. It is a simple way of adding an author box to your article. It adds a responsive author box where you can have the author’s gravatar, name, and description. Plus, you can also add over 30 social profile fields. This means that along with other information, your visitors will also have the opportunity to see the author’s social media accounts. Of course, if the author wants that.

This is a great way of introducing them to the author and giving a more personal feeling to the article.

It is also fully customizable, which means that you can edit it however you like so it fits with your theme. You can change the style, size, color, and text without any problems. With all the editing options, it is essential to make it a part of your website.

Simple Author Box features two

When it’s edited to perfection, you need to know for sure that it’s going to look great on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones as well. This is a big plus since nowadays, there is a ton of different sizes of displays, and with this tool, you will cater to everyone.

Simple Author Box phone display

Once you have it on your admin panel installed, your author box is automatically put at the end of your post – this way you don’t need to do it manually every single time.

It comes with RTL and AMP support. RTL stands for Right To Left, which comes in handy if your language is meant to be read right to left, like Arabic. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which allows pages to load quickly on mobile devices. We all know how much users love when a page loads fast, and you know for a fact this plugin won’t slow it down.

These are all the main features that this game-changing plugin provides. The pro version offers even more of them that will make your author box as cool as it can be.

Have Even More Control With the PRO Version

With the pro version, you can choose if you want your readers to see the author box before or after the content since maybe someone likes to know who wrote the article before going into the details of the content.

It is also possible to have the author’s name linked to their website so you don’t need to put a separate icon for that. And to make the author box even more stylish, you can choose different fonts and font sizes for the author’s job title, name, description, and website as well!

Simple Author Box author box

The social media icons are no different – you can change their shape, style, rotate effect, shadow, and border. Not no mention that the plugin supports over 45 different social icons. It is like having a little photo editing tool just for the author box!

But what happens if you have a really in-depth article that multiple authors are working on? Well, this little helper will have your back. Using it, you can easily add multiple authors and give them the credit they deserve. There is no need for someone to be left out.

Guest writing is also a big deal in the WordPress community, but don’t worry, you can add guest authors to your page with this stylish helper without creating an account for them.

Simple Author Box features

While we are on the topic of giving authors the credit they deserve, it’s good to mention that there’s also an option to add cool widgets to your site in which you can show your most popular authors. It’s great to give back to the people that contribute to your website!

If you need a few more reasons why you should have this tool, you will be happy to find out that it has more than 600.000 downloads. That just shows how much websites care about having a great author box.

Also, the developers are constantly updating this plugin so that it is always up to date with WordPress and its standards.


To conclude this article, we must say that having an author box is a must. No matter what kind of blog you run, being transparent with your audience is a big plus!

When people like an article, they for sure want to know who wrote it and how they can find out more about the author. And if that author is someone who constantly writes for your blog, people will click on more of your articles, which automatically leads to more traffic on your site.

With, Simple Author Box, you can make an eye-catching author box that will fit right into your theme!