Easy Ways How to Make Money With Crypto and NBA

You are probably looking for a way to make money.  The online sphere has hundreds of legit ways to make money to give your dream life. Sadly, not all the many ways are legit. Some may leave you regretting your move.

The good news is that technology is here to help you make smart moves. Crypto is one of the latest financial developments that have taken the world by storm, and you can use it with your NBA finals odds to make money. The case of Bitcoin is just one, and many users appreciate it while transacting business.

How can you use crypto to make money with the NBA? Well, with the popularity of the NBA, it is easy to make money with crypto. We have shared the proven ways people are making money with crypto in the NBA.


Check them out and try your luck.

1.  Betting on NBA Games

Betting is a popular activity among sports lovers. For basketball, the NBA league is one of the top leagues in the world. Apart from attracting many fans, the league has top-class teams with talented players. Steph Curry, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant are some of the famous players in the NBA.

If you like betting, you may use crypto to place wagers on your favorite teams. Find the sportsbook that offers amazing odds and allows crypto as a payment method. Afterward, you can place your bets and enjoy high returns.

One thing about crypto payments is the security, low fees, and anonymity. It is also easy to withdraw crypto after winnings.

2.  Accept Crypto Payments When Selling Merchandise

Did you know that you can make money while selling merchandise? You could be a dealer selling NBA shoes, jerseys, and balls. All these pieces of equipment can earn you a fortune when you sell them online.

Make sure you offer crypto payment as an option, and you will have many customers. With crypto, you will enjoy more profits as the charges are low, with some coming with zero transaction fees. In addition, it is fast and secure.

3.  Try NBA Top Shot

You may miss out on many opportunities if you have not heard of the NBA Top Shot. The NBA Top Shot is a new NFT platform allowing fans to buy, sell, and even trade basketball video clips. It came into existence in 2020. Dapper Labs partnered with NBA  to come up with it.

Note that the NBA legends like Michael Jordan, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durrant are the top investors. The platform allows users to trade digital assets based on clips from basketball/ NBA games.

In September 2021, a record of users reached over 1 million. Around half a million users are estimated to have exchanged about $1 billion. This is a real-case scenario of using videos to make money in the NBA. You may even make more money with players like LeBron for the NBA Top Shot moments.

4.  Sponsorships by Crypto


The NBA is a top league where club owners can make a fortune by accepting sponsors from the cryptocurrency world. As the coins gain momentum, the teams can benefit from the way they spread the use of cryptocurrency.

Team management may seek sponsors to pay them to advertise their products to their fans. The NBA is now into crypto, and one of the top ways they use crypto is the NBA Top Shot.

5.  Become an NBA Player

Are you talented? One of the easy ways to make money with crypto is to become an NBA player. As an NBA player, you can get opportunities to invest in crypto through mining or buying. You may still request your club to make payments of your salary through crypto.

When the market is good, you may make plenty of money from crypto through transactions. Always check the market before you accept payment, as it may still make you lose.


As much as crypto is still growing and gaining global recognition, it is a good place to make money. The NBA is a popular league, and crypto is becoming a norm in the NBA. Players and owners are now using crypto for transactions, which means you can make money with crypto.

Some ways to make money are through betting, becoming a player, through NBA Top Shot, and accepting crypto payments while selling NBA merchandise.