How To Export WooCommerce Orders

E-commerce has shown to be a profitable and steady source of income in the digital age. It is perfect as more customers want to buy things they need from the comfort of their own homes. As a result of the expansion of e-commerce services, many different platforms have emerged, which have responded to numerous changes in terms of development.

These platforms offer great features and provide a multitude of opportunities such as quality user experience and seamless online shopping. WooCommerce is the most famous one out of the bunch and is becoming increasingly popular as more capabilities, as well as a plethora of free and paid extensions, are added. They enhance the store’s operation and help you make more sales.

WooCommerce Order Export Pro

One of the plugins your e-commerce store needs is the WooCommerce Order Export Pro plugin. The WooCommerce Order Pro plugin comes with several additional features that will help you further optimize your e-commerce store. This plugin is incredibly popular in the world of online commerce, so if you want to use this WordPress plugin to start your online business, learn how to do so.

WooCommerce Order Export Pro Features

WooCommerce Order Export Pro homepage

To begin with, this plugin makes WooCommerce order export easy to do. It can help you convert a WordPress website into a fully stable and effective online store of any size. Aside from its simplicity, this plugin offers a plethora of customization options that improve the website’s operation and usability while also providing owners with a fantastic opportunity to extend and grow their brand.

Date ranges

WooCommerce Date ranges

What is amazing about this plugin is that it enables you to pick date ranges for different orders you would like to export WooCommerce data. Those dates will be included in your export which will make it easier to know when you had the most sales. You and anyone who closely works with you will be able to use these exports to analyze them in the future. They made it simple with predefined ranges you can choose from. You can decide to export today’s orders, yesterday’s orders, this week’s orders, last week’s orders, month-to-date orders, last month’s orders, or year-to-date orders.

All of this can help you get your export as precise as you need to successfully run your business. Through this feature, you can also choose the specific dates you would want to have in your export. With the report format and output, you can customize your report even more. It allows you to sort by date, choose a date format, the file name, and much more.

Export new orders only

Export New Orders Only

This is one of the features that set this plugin apart from those similar to it. With this feature,  you can choose to export only new orders, so you don’t have to struggle with any old data. This is great if you want to have more specialized reports. You can simply click on the “Only Export New Orders” and the plugin will do the rest for you. This feature enables you to always stay on top of your work.


WooCommerce filters

This is one of the innovative options that the WooCommerce Order Export Pro plugin offers to its users. Its base function is to categorize orders based on the parameters of your choosing. You can choose to filter them by Order ID, Customer Note, Order Total, Order Shipping Amount, and much more. The great thing is that you can add as many filters as you need to make the most out of the export.

This feature also allows you to filter by-products and coupons. Those are only a few of the things this feature offers. This is another way that this WooCommerce plugin enables you to customize your e-commerce order export activities as much as possible.

Fields to export

WooCommerce fields to export

WooCommerce Order Export Pro is perfect for beginners and those who want a simple and user-friendly export order plugin. The reason behind that is the drag and drop feature that allows you to easily make your custom report. All you need to do is to drag and drop the fields to the export list. There is also metadata that can help you optimize even more.

Preview button

WooCommerce preview button

When you go to preview, it will quickly show you the first 25 records that match the report you previously made. This allows you to see every piece of data and information before you decide to export them.

The preview will prevent you from exporting something you don’t want to or making the same exports. In case you want to change something, you can simply go back to the Fields to Export feature and make modifications. This will make all of your documents and exports clear and easy to navigate through.

Settings page

WooCommerce settings

The Settings page of the plugin for WooCommerce export orders contains a cron log of all of your scheduled exports. It shows the input parameters. In case you are not able to find or remember if you exported reports for a specific season, you could find that information here. Through this feature, you can also import or export to another one of your websites. The only thing you need to do is copy the lines from the Export Settings tab and paste them to the Import Settings field.

Scheduled exports

WooCommerce scheduled reports

This feature will enable you to schedule automatic reports. The dashboard will show you the title, method, delivery details, frequency, last run, next run, and actions. You can simply add new ones or delete the ones you no longer need.

Final Thoughts

E-business is currently quite popular because of the numerous chances it provides to clients, and opening an e-shop is simply one of the many ways to supplement your income. A simple Google search will yield numerous results, but knowing which platform is the best makes choosing the proper platform much easier. WooCommerce Order Export Pro is a plugin used by many well-recognized brands in the industry. With over a million active installations, it is one of the most popular e-commerce add-ons on the market.

One of the most useful features of this WordPress plugin is that it not only allows you to analyze user behavior on the site but also allows you to make forecasts and do accurate and understandable performance analyses. Total sales, sales by dates, the average number of orders, individual statistics for a certain product, reviews, stock status, and general store performance are all important metrics to consider. If you run an e-commerce store, you need to install the WooCommerce Order Export Pro plugin right now.