Fancy text generator : Stylish text & cool fonts

Fancy text generator : Stylish text & cool fonts.

Fancy text generator brings you a lot of cool fonts and stylish text in a single app.
You all styling need will be fulfilled with this single app. This app has as many as seven features with is useful for your daily social activities needs.
You can impress your friends with fancy texts or send you loved ones a love art on WhatsApp.

Just generate fancy text and click on share and send on WhatsApp.
If you want to customize your Instagram Bio, don’t worry. Utilise stylish text tool to and customize your Instagram bio.
Now post your daily status with cools fonts on Facebook. Open app and paste your status to text field. After that, customised texts will be generated copy those cool fonts and paste to your Facebook status.
Since this app has many features so, below we have explained how to use all those features.

How to use stylish text?
At the top navigation bar, select stylish text. There is a text box at the top. Write your name of whatever you want in the text field. As soon as you enter any text, the suddenly converts into beautiful and cool looking font.

How to use Text Art?
Input your name to create fancy text inside the box. Scroll down and you will find many text arts just created with your input text. To change font style of text art click on “Normal” with dropdown and select any style of your choice

How to use Text to Emoji?
Write your texts in the box. At the right side. There is an option for emoji(heart is the default emoji). Change that default emoji. Scroll down and you will se your text has been converted into emoji text.[Note: For better emoji text please use single emoji.]

Game pro Names creator!
Fill your game name in the text box. Click on choose symbol. Choose any symbol. For best name put one symbol at the start and one at the end of your name.

Convert your stylish texts to Image!
Text to Image feature converts your stylish text or name to image. You can save or share your converted fancy text to image. To use – click on the text and type your name. Click on text colour and choose different colours. Click on choose style and select any style you like. Using background colour you can change background of your text. Also, you can change text size clicking on button below “Choose Style”. Now save or share your image.

Repeat Me – Text Repeater
The Repeat Me feature repeats your text or word multiple times. Enter the number of times you want to repeat your text. Enter your text. In a second your text will be repeated. If you want to repeat line by line, tick the new line checkbox.

Note: This app is not affiliated with any other apps.