Five Things You Can Do to Make Money With Crypto and the NBA

The NBA and crypto partnership has become stronger over the years. As you can find free NBA picks online, you can also get your hands on different NBA-based tokens to help you make money. With the NBA and crypto coming together, you can make money in the following ways.



One of the five things you can do to make money with crypto and the NBA is buying NBA NFTs. As a fan or an investor, and you wish to invest in the NBA with your crypto, buying NFTs is a brilliant way, and it has been popular in the sports world. NFTs are Non-Fungible tokens, and you can buy numerous NBA-related NFTs.

For example, in 2021, the NBA’s Top Shot platform released a set of NFTs that features some iconic moments of March Madness. So, if you have Bitcoin, you can use it to buy NFTs this month, and examples of what you can buy are video clips, music, and more because these assets represent ownership of real-world items.

However, you can also consider the NBA Top Shot, a nonfungible token marketplace allowing you to buy and sell, and an NBA-themed digital collection to make money.

You can create a Youtube channel for yourself, where you can post the video clips you bought for people to watch, and that is how you will make your own money. All you need is to research how to create a Youtube channel.

NBA Fan Tokens

Another thing you can do to make money with crypto and the NBA is to purchase NBA fan tokens. Getting an NBA fan token allows you to buy ownership of a particular asset or experience related to any NBA team, giving you exclusive access to exclusive benefits and content.

Some teams plan to launch fan tokens and collaborate with blockchain platforms such as Socios to mint the tokens on a blockchain. Also, if you are holding a fan token, it allows you to vote on official team polls, which helps the team to give room for fans’ decisions.

How can you make money from the NBA fan tokens? Fan tokens create a win-win situation between fans and clubs, where clubs earn additional revenue by selling fan tokens. Fans receive special benefits from their club. So, you can buy many tokens and resell them.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is another thing you can do to make money with Crypto and the NBA. Recently, sports betting has been one way people make money even though it is risky, but if you do proper research and have a strategy, you will surely win.

For example, you can bet on many games in the NBA weekly, but before you do that, you must register at an online betting site to place your bets.

Recently, gamblers now have had the opportunity to place their bets using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In the case of the NBA, you need to find reliable betting sites that accept Bitcoin, and you can easily place your bets on your favorite teams.

Mind you, there are many games you can bet on in a season, and there is the assurance you will earn money if you follow the right steps with a good strategy.


Digital Ticketing

Digital ticketing is another thing you can do to make money with crypto and the NBA. Digital ticketing is an e-ticket, a paperless electronic document usually used for ticketing, such as concert admission, sports games, airfare, and so on. So, the E-tickets are stored in a database and can be printed at home or the venue.

However, you can purchase E-tickets with your crypto online, and you can resell these tickets to people that do not have access to the site or to people that do not have cryptocurrency to purchase the tickets online.

NBA Gaming with Crypto

Another thing you can do to make money with crypto and the NBA is by playing NBA gaming with crypto. For example, you can play the NBA 2K23 video game to make money; you only have to check the GamerSaloon platform. This platform allows you to play NBA 2K online for money and test your skills against opponents online.

You can enter an NBA 2K23 tournament or play head-to-head for cash prizes. So, download the GamerSaloon app on your device, and sign up for free. The platform has an easy way of depositing anything you are ready to play.