Why PCs are Better than Macs for Gaming

For a long time, the Mac vs. PC debate has raged on. It’s a bit like choosing between going to the cinema or streaming a movie, or going to a brick-and-mortar casino, or playing online table games. In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference – what you enjoy and what you want to do with your system. Which platform is superior? The answer isn’t as precise as you may think.

Both proponents of the opposing platforms can make a compelling case for their systems. For example, Mac computers are typically equipped with powerful CPUs, high-resolution displays, and cable graphics cards, making them a reliable gaming platform. Similarly, Windows computers offer more customization and upgrade possibilities and compatibility with a broader range of games. Furthermore, PCs are substantially less expensive than Macs.

Assume your PC died unexpectedly. Would you know what you wanted if you needed a new one, or would you look for something better? Of course, the first question you might have when buying a new computer is: Should I get a PC or a Mac? However, before you go into a store to buy a new device, you should do some research first.

That’s where we come in. We have done the research and hard work for you. After testing numerous models of each platform, we have concluded that PCs are better than Macs for gaming, and here’s why.

Upgrades and customization

Woman Working on a motherboard

PCs can be upgraded more simply and have a broader range of component options. If your Mac is upgradeable, you can only upgrade the memory and storage disc. A PC user has a variety of motherboards, processors, storage drives, video cards, graphics cards, audio cards, and memory to choose from. This allows PC users to rapidly and easily build a bespoke system or enhance an existing machine.


High-resolution graphics have long been a feature of Mac’s. Apple devices, on the whole, are physically appealing and come with strong graphics cards that can handle graphically intense applications like video gaming and video editing. Graphics cards, on the other hand, differ from model to model. The issue emerges when you realize that dedicated graphics are only available on high-end Macs. The integrated Intel graphics found in the cheaper Mac models may not provide a good gaming experience.

Premium Macs are made for workstations, not for gaming. On the other hand, depending on the device’s purpose, PCs come with various graphics cards. In truth, you may discover several reasonably priced PCs that provide a decent gaming experience. In addition, many graphics cards for Windows PCs have recently been released that outperform the graphics capabilities of superior Mac versions.


1 us dollar bill

When you buy a PC laptop or desktop computer, you get a lot more bang for your buck in terms of hardware. There are also thousands of PC systems available at thousands of different merchants, resulting in a wide range of prices. On the other hand, Macs have nearly universal pricing, making it less likely that you’ll find a decent offer.


While having a single corporation manage both the hardware and the operating system has its benefits, it puts all Mac fans’ eggs in one titanium-clad basket. Apple, for example, could decide to discontinue Mac OS X at any time. What would that mean for Mac OS fans and developers?

It also makes Apple remarkably vulnerable when innovations go wrong – the ill-fated Cube, for example, put the business in grave difficulties. In contrast, worldwide behemoths like HP and Sony may experiment with experimental form factors like intelligent displays and UMPCs without fear of commercial failure.

Game selection

A woman playing league of legends

Despite Apple’s recent efforts to develop Macs for gaming, the number of games available for macOS is limited. As an example, consider the Steam Store. There are now around 7,000 games available on macOS. While this figure isn’t awful, it pales in comparison to the 20,000 Steam games available for Windows.

In most situations, game developers prefer to distribute Windows versions of their games over macOS versions. Unfortunately, when it comes to Mac games, there’s a limited selection, and they’re frequently released late. The lack of enthusiasm may stem from the fact that PCs are typically associated with gaming.


Apple technical help is far more expensive than support for Windows and PCs. When you buy a Mac product, you get free 90-day phone customer support. Sure, the customer service is excellent, but it only lasts 90 days. After that, you’ll be required to pay. Furthermore, if your PC breaks, you can get it repaired almost anywhere. Not all computer stores sell Macs, and taking your equipment directly to Apple can be expensive.

Final thoughts

No one can deny that gaming on a Mac has vastly improved in recent years thanks to the App Store and high-quality services like Steam. However, when it comes to a dedicated community of game producers and users for PC games, as well as an extensive library of titles spanning decades, Windows machines far outperform Macs.

As a result, because the hardware is optimized for gaming, we recommend Windows computers as your first choice. Furthermore, there are more titles available for Windows than for Mac.