How To Make Paypal Pccount In Afghanistan

In Afghanistan most of people use Google Adsense in their websites for monetizing online, and the payment is via check or PayPal, but as we all see PayPal doesn’t support Afghanistan.

So let’s begin! (make sure you follow each step carefully)

Step #1 : First of all open this link and generate US resident details.

Step #2 : After that open this link and generate US resident Address details.

Step #3 : Now you need a US IP address, Install Zen Mate Chrome Extension > select United states as virtual location. (i recommend Hotspot shield VPN or any other VPN with USA as virtual location) because they are more reliable, anyhow to keep it simple you can use zenmate. ?

Step #4 : Now open Official paypal home page for Paypal USA by clicking this link.

Step #5 : Click signup “button” > Select “Personal Account” Use your own email address and put earlier generated details in blank fields (in name remove any dot otherwise paypal will not accept the name). for US phone # follow step 8.

Step #6 : After that paypal will ask for bank or credit card details > skip it by clicking (I’ll do it later “botton”). skip all other steps, (if any popups up on screen)

Step #7 : Now open your paypal account dashboard and confirm email address. by simply clicking the button > paypal will send a confirmation email with a confirmation link simply click the link and enter your paypal password.


you dont have to be a US resident to open a paypal account But you will need a debit or credit card from the US and a US bank account linked to a US address as well as a US mobile number If you have a social security number you can open a US bank account without being in US.


Withdrawing to a Local Bank Account

Withdrawing to a local bank account does not present any limits, so you can pull out that $100k without any problems at one go, however you will be hit by PayPal’s bad exchange rate plus currency conversion charges. It is usually easy to open a USD account with your local bank, the big problem is that PayPal will not allow you to transfer USD from your PayPal balance into your local USD account if you are based in Europe, as they consider all European bank accounts as Euro-based.


Real Example – Withdrawing to Card vs Local Bank Account

As an example at the time of writing this article, if you transferred $10k out of PayPal via a bank transfer to a local bank in Malta (the country where my bank is account is located in), you would have ultimately received €8,839 in the bank account. My bank does not charge any fees for currency conversion.


IF you  Have question about creating paypal account just comment below .