How to Use iCloud Notes on Windows 10

Apple will never port its MacOS or iOS applications to Windows 10. I can only hope to live to see the day when I have to eat my own words. But if you have an iPhone and are using the Notes so intensely that you need to access them on a Windows 10 PC, all you have left is a browser and iCloud.

Browser and iCloud are the standard way to access the iOS Notes app on Windows 10, but if you use Chrome and many people do, you can create Chrome from iOS Notes in iCloud. It opens in a separate window, you can connect at any time, and your notes are synced through iCloud. Make sure your phone notes are synced with iCloud, then read on to learn how to create the iOS Notes app from Chrome.

How to Access iCloud Notes on PC using

If you have iCloud Notes enabled on your iPhone, you can access it from your PC if you have a network connection and a browser.

  • Visit on your computer.
  • Enter your Apple ID and sign in to iCloud.
  • Touch Notes to view and manage iCloud Notes.

iOS Notes App on Windows

  • Open Chrome, visit iCloud Sign in, and click the Notes app. Once open, click the “Advanced Options” button next to the URL bar and go to “Advanced Tools” > “Create Brief Description”. This will add a shortcut to your desktop.

However, before using it, open Chrome and go to the next page;

  • Right-click on the newly created Chrome application and select “Open as window” from the context menu. This should work. You can now attach the application to the Start menu and open it from there, or you can attach it to your taskbar.

The Chrome iOS Notes application will never interrupt what you do on your system. Notes do not need to be notified, but even if they were, they would look like other notifications on your Chrome desktop.

You can use this trick literally on any site, but there’s one obvious drawback: you’re using Chrome. Chrome used to be a lightweight browser, but now it sucks in all of your RAM like a demonic sponge. Its use of RAM becomes ridiculous with every new version. If you run the Chrome app too long, the use of RAM can get out of hand. Unfortunately, this is a sad compromise.


Again, you can’t access your notes from the iCloud section of the Notes application. However, if you use Gmail a lot, you can use this method to easily create notes that you want to access specifically from your PC without logging into