Tips to Increase The Number of Subscribers on Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a large social media platform and currently the most popular platform for watching videos. The so-called Generation X watches more than 1.5 trillion videos on YouTube every day. The average YouTube user spends more than 30 minutes a day watching video content on their mobile device alone. It is probably frustrating to see your video on YouTube with a small number of views with statistics like this. On YouTube, it all starts and ends with subscribers, and here are some tips on how to get their attention to your YouTube channel after you have successfully implemented the first rule – found the perfect name for your channel.

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1. Use descriptive titles with multiple keywords

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It would be best if you learned at least the basics of YouTube marketing, and that way, you immediately shift the number of views and subscribers. Keywords help YouTube users find the content they are looking for more easily. It is imperative which keywords you choose for the video you are posting. A well-thought-out title will provide enough relevant keywords and thus help the YouTube algorithm sort relevant content and attract viewers. To improve the chances of a better ranking, it is recommended to transcribe YouTube videos. The transcript will help you be discovered by more people.

Well-chosen keywords can quickly get you into YouTube trending. To get keyword ideas, you can use some SEO tools like Moz, or any other keyword search engine. Delegate it to a professional if you do not want or do not have time to deal with these things. It is better not to do any SEO than to damage it.

2. Invite viewers to action in your videos

The popularity of YouTube videos rests on the constant posting of new content, on SEO optimization, and, among other things, on the number of likes, views, and comments. Like other social networks, YouTube’s algorithm counts likes, shares, and comments.

Always make sure you have a call to action when uploading a video. For example, during the duration of a video, you can ask viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel to keep up to date with your future video posts. Place a small box in the upper left corner of the screen asking viewers to subscribe to the channel. When you get new subscribers, you will also get comments and likes on your videos.

3. Use the power of thumbnails

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A thumbnail is an image that visually represents a video before someone clicks on it. Thumbnails can do wonders when it comes to increasing views on YouTube. Whether it is organic search, suggested videos from the side, or appearing on one of the social networks – this always works.

Be sure to use high-quality images. If you are printing text, make sure it is visible and legible. Use striking colors, but do not overdo it. Learn from the example of the most famous domestic and foreign YouTubers. Remember that this display will essentially decide whether someone will click on your video or not. Canva can help you create unique thumbnails that will attract many new subscribers to your YouTube channel.

4. Connect with more successful channels than yours

No matter what topic you cover, the chances are good that other similar YouTube channels have more subscribers than you. Many do not know, but YouTube allows you to add channels that you like or recommend to your subscribers on your YouTube channel page. Once you add other YouTubers to your referrals page, they will appear on your YouTube channel, which will be visible to your subscribers as well.

If you can, find YouTube channels that cover similar topics as you and have many subscribers. Ask them to share your YouTube channel on their channel as well.

Final Thoughts

Gaining great views and subscribers on YouTube takes time and dedication. YouTube is a large and demanding platform, so you have to post quality content and professionally lead your performance on it. Once you gain an active subscriber base on the channel, they will do the magic themselves regarding views and reviews. Be patient and regularly work to increase your subscribers.