Instagram Video Marketing: How to Plan Your Strategy With Ten Best Ideas

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Instagram has introduced new videography rules since its inception in 2010. Many people who thought they were not particularly talented at creating videos on this social network were proven wrong. What is Instagram without a great video nowadays? Because reels are a new feature, Instagram wants as many people to be aware of it as possible. As a result, the profiles of users who use this feature are “promoted.” Simply put, if you shoot Instagram Reels, Instagram’s algorithm will rank your content higher. mobile page on a mobile Safari browser

Another advantage of Instagram Reels is the ability to create educational and entertaining videos that will capture the attention of your followers, inspire them, and encourage them to comment on or share your content. And, because Instagram’s ranking algorithm considers the number of interactions with the audience, you will be rewarded with a higher ranking.

  1. Choose a theme

Consider whether you want to use a theme for the content you post on your profile. What is your area of expertise, and what is the nature of your business? Lead your profile in that direction, stay consistent, and establish your authentic mark. Looking at someone’s Instagram can teach you a lot about their style and visual sense. This will connect the images and videos in the gallery and provide you with the feed that distinguishes you from the competition.

  1. Post regularly

Post content on a regular basis, even if it is only two to three photos or videos per week (depending on how much material you have available). Your followers will appreciate the consistency of your posts, and new potential community members will notice that it is an active profile, increasing the likelihood of community growth.

  1. Occasionally, change the hashtags

Although certain hashtags have brought you a lot of followers and views, try to switch to slightly less popular hashtags regularly. Specifically, if you use the same hashtags, Instagram may flag you as a spammer, reducing your reach, or the visibility of your posts. Similarly, never use hashtags that have nothing to do with your video. If you irritate Instagram users, they may report you, and Instagram will limit your reach once more.

  1. Connect Instagram to your other online accounts

Highlight the link to the company’s Instagram profile, whether it’s on the company’s website, Facebook fan page, or another internet destination. In this way, you will inform visitors to your other digital destinations that you are present on this platform, and if they use it as well, they may become part of your Instagram community.

  1. Create an Instagram Video Story

As Instagram story lasts only 24 hours you can be more creative and free to express your promotions and thoughts through them. Use polls and calls to action (CTA) to engage your followers, as well as share some tips, photos, and videos. Instagram stories can also be used for limited-time special offers or campaigns. In this manner, you will instill in the user a sense of urgency that will compel them to purchase.

  1. Make educational videos

Videos that can answer questions your audience is asking are the way to go. Creating short reels that are focused on finding the solution to one issue will help you grow your account. The questions you are answering must be about your niche.

  1. Post videos when your audience is active

Target audience

The average lifespan of an Instagram post is about 4 hours, it is a little bit longer when it comes to videos. This means that your post will (roughly) appear in your audience’s feed for that amount of time before disappearing. That’s why it’s a good idea to post when you know your Instagram followers are awake and active.  First pique the interest of your existing audience before attempting to attract new ones.

  1. Use CTA

Call to action is an important part of video marketing. You need to let your followers know what you want them to do. Include CTA as “follow for more videos”, “share with your friends”, etc. at the end of each video and in the description.

  1. Create shorter videos

3-minute videos will probably not do as well on Instagram as they would on some other platforms. Most Instagram analytics say that Instagram users engage with videos that are 5 to 20 seconds long. Try to get the point of your video in the first few seconds to grab their attention.

  1. Use trending sounds

The sound you use in your videos makes a huge difference. Always try to use trending songs as they will help your video to reach more people. You will know that the sound is trending if there is an upper arrow or letter E near it. There are also a lot of Instagram accounts that share trending sounds you can use.


The Instagram’s initial goal was to create a platform for sharing and editing images on smartphones, but it has evolved into much more. For many, authenticity and a good video have transformed an ordinary profile into a profitable business. Even on private profiles, however, care is taken to create a good video and show your personality through it. One thing is certain: all you need for a perfect video is a smartphone, a little skill, and training.