What Are Marketing Technology Trends and How Can They Be Used as Business Growth Strategies?

Marketing is one of the most important parts of business growth. And the world of Marketing has never been static. It is highly dynamic. We mean, if we talk about the Marketing Technology trends, then they are always changing. Thus, one cannot apply fifty-year-old marketing trends in 2021 and wish them to work effectively.

This is not that easy. And just because of the inclusion of technology, the marketing world has radically changed. Everyone in the world these days possesses some digital smart device. And people operate most of their day-to-day tasks through these digital smart devices such as smartphones.

In addition to that, people also interact with and interact through these digital smart devices. Hence, it is vital now to take the help of technology to aid your marketing and business growth strategies. Therefore, in this particular blog, we will discuss some of the most effective marketing technology trends that you can use to boost your business, so let’s begin.

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Social Media Marketing

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Regardless of the Marketing trends, one cannot ignore the power of social media. Everyone you see has at least one social media account on any famous social media platform. Thus, every business vertical these days uses social media as one of its marketing tools. If you look on the internet, you will observe that most or all the companies have at least one official account on either Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, or all of these platforms.

The key reason behind being on these social media platforms for these companies is that they can easily communicate or advertise themselves to their customers, potential customers, and clients, and not forget the Influencers. This pairs with strong branding campaigns as well, since video and other multimedia sources integrate so well with social media. Working with a service like http://voices.com/, companies are able to hire voice actors of any level and then embed the videos in their social media posts.

And along with these things, now there are also a lot of automation and technology tools present on the internet that a brand or company can use to improve their engagement with their consumers. Such tools also help in improving the response rate online, as these tools allow the users to gain quantifiable insights about their effectiveness in their day-to-day operations. And in addition to all of that, these tools also provide suggestions to their users about improving their performance in the digital market space.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software

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These terms can sound new to some of the traditional business marketers. Although, we have been listing the Artificial Intelligence terms for quite a time now. But the Machine Learning term is novel to the world of Business Growth Strategies. However, regardless of how new these terms are, they are very helpful from the Marketing perspective.

These tools are being very helpful to marketers. Marketers use these tools to get deeper insights into the risk predictions and PPC campaigns. And along with that, these tools also help advertisers craft well-targeted email campaigns for their clients. Then we also have the Chatbot-generated marketing content tools. These tools are very helpful for businesses as they help the customer to pass through the sales funnel. Plus, these tools also help in executing effective direct response marketing.

Conversational Marketing

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The other modern form of marketing technology that you should definitely include in your Business Growth Strategies is conversational Marketing. This form of marketing trend is vital according to modern marketing trends due to several reasons. One such reason is that customers want instant interaction and instant solutions these days. They don’t want to call the customer helpline and wait in a queue to get their turn.

They want a solution as soon as possible. Thus, many companies these days are using conversational Marketing. And the best example of this marketing strategy is chatbots. Some other examples of conversation marketing techniques are personalized videos, personalized emails, and virtual emailing assistants. The choice of the tools depends on the business owners policy.

Conversational marketing is also important because this type of marketing technology provides a more personalized experience to the customer. As soon as the customer asks his query, he gets an instant solution. Hence it also forms an instant connection between the customer and marketers.

Another great advantage of conversational marketing is that the customer can interact with the company through any digital medium, whether a smartphone, computer, or laptop. But while using the conversational marketing technique, one also needs to make sure that their assets are quick enough to provide an instant solution. According to many reports and surveys, 82% of the customers seek an instant response whenever they experience an issue.

Therefore, the major goal of conversational marketing is to improve the user experience using a feedback-driven model so that it would form greater loyalty, increase engagement and thus enhance sales for the company.

Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is certainly one of the most important marketing technology trends of this decade, at least. And digital marketing has several verticals in which it is applied. Still, the primary task of all forms of digital marketing techniques is to increase the online presence of the brand so that it can interact with the online costumes, drive more traffic towards the brand’s website through blogs and articles, and thus increase the sales by targeting the most potential customers.

And regardless of the importance of the digital marketing technique, it is also one of the most successful marketing technology techniques. Some reports and surveys also say that the business of a company can enhance by almost 67% by just posting a simple blog on their website.

But using and effectively applying the techniques of digital marketing is not as easy as it looks. One has to constantly look for the potential customer of the brand and their products, search for the trends and interests of the customer, monitor the traffic on the website, and much more. However, there are also several digital marketing tools and services available online that could help a brand increase its sales and businesses through a digital marketing campaign.

Google Lens

Google Lens image

Many of you may already know about Google Lens. It is a kind of visual search engine that uses the camera and camera app of the device to recognize landmarks and objects. However, this application can also be used as a form of marketing technology technique as it also recognizes Barcodes, business cards, event flyers or billboards, landmarks, and buildings.

Thus, as a brand, one can use barcodes that would directly take their customers to their products. Customers can even scan the barcodes printed on a brand’s product to get to the brand’s website or customer service page. Similarly, the customers can also scan the business cards to get in contact with the company easily.

This visual search engine can also help the customer look for a product by scanning a similar product, and that’s why it should be a vital part of your Business Growth Strategies.


If we talk about the marketing technology trends, then there are numerous trends that one can use to improve their marketing campaign due to the unbelievable advancement in technology which made possible the creation of easy to download paystubs. For example, as we listed google Lenses as the visual search engine, people also use voice commands for searching products and brands online. Thus, it is very important for every brand to blend and develop its marketing strategies according to the marketing technology trends to survive and thrive.

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