The Most Sought After Digital Marketing Specialists in 2021

Have you ever wondered which digital marketing specialists are most sought after by companies in 2021? Today, we’ll tell you everything about the most sought-after positions so you can easily choose the one that best suits your skills and thus become the ideal candidate for companies.

It’s no secret that being active in the digital world has become necessary. Everything revolves around digital marketing! That is why companies are concerned about forming multiple digital teams which collaborate with the help of software such as Basecamp. Read on and take notes to find out the ones to strive for.

Social Media Strategist

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The first digital marketing specialist we will talk about is the Social Media Strategist. This is a person who creates a global strategy that works in tandem with brand identity and tries to create a better online presence on a multitude of social channels that exist out there.

This strategy should contain:

  • Action plans
  • Creative and innovative tactics
  • Investments
  • Tools
  • A selection of the channels to use

Content Manager

Another of the most sought-after digital marketing profession is the content manager. He will be responsible for thinking, visualizing, and creating content published on different digital channels.  The role of the content manager is vital, as he/she must know the audience to determine the topics to communicate and the most appropriate format to convey the messages.

The digital world is full of challenges and companies must adapt to the trends that emerge over time.

Hence, it is necessary to have a content manager with updated knowledge. A content manager should also be a great writer because one of his responsibility to create posts and other types of texts. And if you ask yourself while studying at college and seeking help with your assignments, “Can I pay someone to write my paper?” a high-quality content manager should be able to help.

Community Manager

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A community manager is one of the most sought-after specialists, and we are sure you have already heard of this term, but do you know its functions? It is time to clarify this issue! The function of a community manager is mainly based on increasing engagement on digital channels, generating conversations, and managing any communication crisis that arises. In short, a community manager must manage the digital community of a brand. Now, you may be wondering what the difference between a content manager and a community manager is.

Both are content generators for digital channels, but the person who offers community manager services must:

  • Be the face of the brand or company on social networks
  • Increase the presence of the brand
  • Generate a closer relationship with the digital community
  • Must have skills in communication and crisis management

On the other hand, the content manager is in charge of generating the creative content we see on social networks. If you are creative and have communication skills, this role would be an excellent fit for your digital marketing professional profile!.

Traffic Manager

This digital marketing professional is one of the most important, as he/she is in charge of designing paid advertising campaigns on different channels such as: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Twitter

This digital marketing specialist is responsible for defining social media goals and determining the keywords that should appear in the ad to have greater reach. In addition, a Traffic Manager must know how to manage the budgets and make sure it’s well allocated for each campaign. So it is necessary to have skills in data analysis to hold this position.

SEO Specialist

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The function of an SEO specialist is very specific: the positioning of web pages in a non-paid way in the different search engines to obtain more visits to the website. In other words, this person is in charge of optimizing the company’s website by using keywords. This boosts a companies efforts to appear first in Google searches.

Here’s an obvious example of this profession:

Natalia is a young entrepreneur from Colombia, and she sells contact lenses all over the country through her website. In this case, the role of an SEO specialist is to do everything possible to make Natalia’s website appear within the first search results when her potential customers type in “Contact lenses in Colombia.”

SEO specialists must know the inner workings of search engines in order to make this possible. Google can tell you a whole lot more about this if it happens to be in your field of interest.

CRM Manager

If there is someone who knows absolutely everything about the customers of a certain brand, it is the CRM Manager.

This digital marketing expert is in charge of:

  • Managing customer relationships
  • Keeping a record of all the information through a specialized tool (CRM). This allows analyzing users and managing communication with them.
  • Determine the tactics to be implemented depending on each customer
  • Establish loyalty plans

Web Analytics Expert

Knowing how well a website is performing is the role of this digital marketing professional. This person must identify the weaknesses and strengths of the site, see where the visitors are coming from and measure the impact of paid and unpaid campaigns that are carried out.

E-Commerce Manager

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Ecommerce has become a necessity, so this digital marketing specialty is one of the most sought-after by companies. Its function is to coordinate all the processes that make up e-commerce, from sales strategies to logistics and product distribution.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the different digital marketing professions most sought after by companies in 2021, are you feeling inspired to dip your toes in the business and try out one of the positions yourself? If so, begin your professional career and make the best of out it. Good luck!