Why Multipurpose Tools Are the Future of Digital Advancement and Should You Get One?

Having lots of different tools on your site is quite common, especially if you are a business owner who relies on eCommerce and online shopping. You need to ensure your customers have the best experience while they are browsing through your site. This includes having a mobile-optimized website, fast loading, visually appealing design, relevant information, and product or service description. And you might need to acquire a tool for subscription forms, email newsletters, images, and speed optimization. All of them separately. 

There are so many tools and plugins out there designed to help you optimize all these, but many of them are single tools. What does this mean? Well, it means that each tool has been designed specifically for a single purpose. For example, image caching tools are designed to help you deal with caching or different product image tools and create visually appealing products. 

Multipurpose tools

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If, however, the idea of getting a separate plugin for each of the aforementioned site components seems overwhelming, you’re in luck. Some tools have been designed to offer you several benefits, not just one. This can prove useful as it can lower the cost of using such tools, especially if you previously used more tools and paid for each individually.

As well as taking care of multiple things at once, a great benefit of these is managing everything just from a single dashboard. Also, if you have more tools and not all of them have been designed to be lightweight or mobile-friendly, it can negatively affect your customers’ experiences by slowing down your site or not loading properly.  

Such multi-purpose tools are becoming more popular, and many businesses see them as a go-to option for their digital strategy. Now, why such tools are expected to form the future of digital advancement will be explained through an example of one such tool.


SuiteDash landing page

SuiteDash is a cloud-based platform designed to accommodate all your business software needs. It was designed for sales departments and product managers looking for an easier and simpler way of collaborating with clients and team members. This platform combines the most common tools you might need for running your website into a pre-integrated white-label ready platform.

Client Management

SuiteDash client management feature

One of the first features this tool comes with is building client portals you can customize and allow clients access to for better communication. This makes client-company collaboration easier than ever. It is also a white-label platform, so you can add your company logo and brand colors. Naturally, each client will have access to specific information related to their project, and you can allow them to view and download any files and documents you might add to their folder. 

You can also add contacts manually, and if there’s a lot and you just don’t feel like clicking, add them in bulk import or as an embedded form. There is also a feature that allows you to auto-assign permissions to any page or file so as to allow access to only certain clients. 

Project Management

SuiteDash project management feature

When it comes to project management, this tool comes with some pretty neat features that resemble Wrike’s features.

For example, there is a structuring project template and a tasks feature, which basically structures what needs to be done in order of completion. You can arrange tasks and provide updates for better communication and make it easier for everyone to keep track of what is on the agenda. The files are organized by an insulated structure, so all the files are pretty easy to find. There is also a private project file feature that lets you store your files in a project location that your clients cannot see, for example, if you are dealing with some classified or private information. 

As far as the potential number of clients goes, well, you can add as many as you need, and you can even create the same dashboard setup for smoother handling and organizing for each client. The dashboards can also be made dynamic, so your clients will have a better experience when looking at your data and files. 

File Organization and Sharing

SuiteDash file organization feature

Now, the file management system is amazing. Each client you have is dedicated to their own folder. You can access these and create sub-folders for better organization. Your clients will be notified when you share a folder or a file with them, so everyone stays on track.

They can download these folders as ZIP files and have them easily accessible on their devices. SuiteDash can even support large files (over a gigabyte), so you don’t need to worry about the sizes.

Invoices and Billing

SuiteDash invoices and billing

Another cool feature is the ability to send out templates and invoices to your clients straight from your dashboard. You can also use templates to create invoices, and there are even templates with different sections for taxes and discounts. The bills can be paid right from the SuiteDash platform, and you can set up recurring payments for subscription models. So, rest assured, no matter the payment method, SuiteDash will take care of it.

The developers of SuiteDash thought about everything, including customer relationship management. You can create and customize intake forms and add data fields on the information you wish to collect about your customers. That way, you can easily follow up with your clients and add any new information to their profile. Proposals can be created, with or without proposal templates, and they can be sent to different clients and e-signed for faster communication. 


SuiteDash integrations

SuiteDash can be integrated with lots of other apps and tools. These include Zapier, QuickBooks, Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.net, PayPal, Google Calendar, WordPress, and SendGrid. This all allows for easier work management as everything can be accessed from the platform’s dashboard. 

Pricing plans

There are three payment plans you can choose from, depending on how much storage or internal users you have. You can get this platform for a one-time purchase of $79 for 3 internal users. With this plan, you can also have up to 100GB of storage and add unlimited contacts. There is also an option to get it for $158 for 6 internal users and up to 200GB of storage. If you need even more room, there’s always the $237 plan for 12 internal users and up to 300GB of storage.


With multi-purpose tools like this one, you can save yourself some time, money, and energy with just one platform that does it all. They have been designed to make your life easier so you can focus on more important parts of running your business. We definitely recommend you think about getting a multi-purpose tool like SuiteDash