Best Netflix-Inspired WordPress Themes That Are Sure to Make Movie Buffs Love Your Site

Over the last 30 years, many great ideas and business models have been developed, but not so many were as inspirational and influential as Netflix. The story of Netflix started in 1997 with the idea of renting DVDs by mail. The idea proved to be fruitful, and soon, the first DVD rental, and sales site started. Netflix developed over the years, offering many new things on their site, proving its innovation capabilities. And innovation was seriously tested with the introduction of streaming.

Netflix was among the pioneers in this area. Soon with the expansion of the ever-growing internet usage and decline in DVD sales, the concept of streaming became increasingly popular, giving Netflix the ability to set trends in this field. And setting up trends is one of the reasons why we are talking about Netflix-inspired WordPress themes. Since the design of Netflix is regarded by almost every user as one of the best and most iconic, many developers wanted to create websites for video streaming with a design similar to the one of Netflix.

Creating a website like the one Netflix has is not something that requires great developing skills; all you have to do is to choose a proper WordPress theme. Generating high income by creating a video-streaming site has become extremely popular recently. To do it in the right way, you might look into a Netflix-inspired WordPress theme. That is why we are here to help you pick the right one.

1. Vodi

Vodi preview page

This is a professional and unique template designed to assist you in creating a site similar to Netflix. Vodi comes with more than 9 home pages, 4 footers and 4 headers, different menu styles, and 47 Gutenberg blocks. With this WordPress theme, you can easily customize the options you have, and thanks to its features, you will be able to create the site you always wanted. Vodi offers demo content options like a movies magazine, TV Show, video streaming website, and sports magazine.

Vodi provides its users with advanced filter and sorting options for movies, TV shows, and videos. What is great about this theme is that you have the option of trying it out before you purchase it. Also, the authors of this theme are easy to reach via the support tab, and you can query or set a trial period as well.


SKRN preview page

This WordPress theme for video streaming is 100% responsive and comes with many important customization options. It’s also one of the rare ones that offer built-in membership or payment plan options. Once you decide to purchase this theme, you will get a detailed help file, together with additional stunning features like eCommerce Membership Platform, a video player, and a drag and drop page builder.

Key features of SKRN include ARMember, a membership plugin that helps you with video subscriptions, user profiles, user registration plugin, advanced search, video rating system, Search engine, and so much more. Another thing to note is that their customer support system is fantastic, and you can always count on the best service possible.

3. Vayvo

Vayvo preview

This WordPress theme allows you to build amazing Netflix-like sites. Like the previous theme, Vayvo also includes the ARMember membership plugin to increase your subscription base. You will also receive the Boosted Elements add-on that you can use to easily create sliders, maps, popups, and more. What you get with this theme is a template similar to Netflix together with a content functionality/restricted pages helping you to limit usage based on subscription level.

Your users will get a personal watchlist, an advanced search button, a rating system, and comments. Demo content is also available, so you can check your site’s final look before you purchase it. Not to mention that you get a 100% translation ready website, which is especially important if you want to expand your business worldwide.

4. King

King preview page

King helps you get everything you need for an increased web presence and allows your content to go viral. Thanks to its many features, your community users can submit news, videos, images, and media. You can easily create user profile pages, follow the system, share buttons, trending lists, multiple ad locations, and so much more. Making your site more interactive and user-friendly also becomes a breeze, using all the features you have at your service.

King is an SEO friendly template coming with built-in schema support. This template’s design is easy to customize, especially when it comes to aspects like color, background, header and footer, button design, etc. It’s important to mention that King is a plugin compatible template, especially with the WooCommerce supported plugins.

5. Reviewer

Reviewer preview

When it comes to design, Reviewer is probably as close to Netflix as you can get. As the name says, Reviewer has one important function, and it is to provide a good platform for writing reviews. Whether you want to make a site specialized for writing reviews for film, TV shows, or documentaries, Reviewer can help you do it the best way possible. The theme provides you with a mobile-friendly template capable of fitting all screen sizes. You can also additionally customize whatever you need to maintain consistency.

As we mentioned earlier, this theme includes features similar to the ones on Netflix; for example, users can create their wishlist, favorite videos, review section, etc. As far as other features are concerned, it’s important to point out translation file capacity, 5-star ratings colors, social network icons, 5 background pattern options, etc. Truly a stunning theme for WordPress, designed to make your site look no different than Netflix, but with the option to still make it your own.


Netflix is worthy of your attention when it comes to design, functionality, features, and abilities. It’s one inspirational site, and using its patterns as a base for your work can be truly helpful, and in the end, lucrative. There are many Netflix inspired themes for WordPress that you can find online, but these five mentioned in the article are simply top-notch, so give them a try. We are sure that the outcome will be positive.