Online Sales: What are the Trends in E-commerce?

Whether you are an enterprise looking to expand its business on the internet or an entrepreneur looking to start selling online, it’s best to be up to date with the latest trends in e-commerce.

Online sales: e-commerce trends

Electronic commerce: a constantly evolving market

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E-commerce is a booming sector. According to the study carried out in 2020, internet sales (products and services combined) have crossed the 100 billion dollars mark in the US. This year, not less than 200,000 American sites expect to record nearly 2 billion transactions, despite the crisis shaking the planet.  Indicators are on the rise, and for a good reason – consumer behavior is changing. For example, 78.3% of Internet users buy online, with a sharp rise in mobile purchases.

In response to these new consumption patterns, the e-commerce sector is adapting. Diversification of online payment and delivery methods, the rise of marketplaces often popular with small and medium-sized businesses, etc. – There is no shortage of developments, both in services dedicated to e-commerce and in e- strategies.

Moreover, the e-commerce market does not intend to cannibalize traditional commerce. In addition to the brands that decide to sell only consumer goods on the internet, combining a physical store and an e-commerce site is an excellent way to increase your turnover on different canals. In addition, advertising online and offline seems inevitable to promote your business and ensure its development.

The different types of e-commerce

E-commerce brings together different business models that will often determine the relationship between the customer and the seller:

  • Create a digital version of a physical store: The merchant site is an extension of the physical store by offering its items on the internet.
  • Dropshipping: The merchant site has no stock. A third party (the supplier) sends the order directly to the customer.
  • Affiliated trade: The transaction is carried out on-site by a third party. We can take the example of companies that sell and have their products sent by Amazon.
  • Accession: periodically sending a command as a subscription to ensure recurring revenue. The cosmetics industry often uses this type of electronic commerce with the sending of monthly boxes.
  • Marketplace chooses one or more marketplaces such as Amazon or Rakuten and sells its items on these platforms.
  • Trade-in services: training sales site or coaching.

The E-commerce market: Is there potential for your business?

Ideal sectors for internet sales

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Specific sectors indisputably drain the e-commerce market: tourism comes first (46% in turnover), followed by high tech (25.9%), household appliances (20.4%), cultural products (19%), clothing (14.7%), consumer goods (7.6%), and furniture (7.3 %). However, this does not mean that your sector of activity, even a niche one, cannot succeed! Indeed, while all businesses can benefit from e-commerce, other factors will determine your success or failure.

Especially the following:

The trust customers have in your product and your website: Online transactions can hamper the purchase of some potential customers. To give them confidence in your product, the technical aspects of your site can be key, in particular using an SSL certificate (encryption of bank data).

The competition: One of the main issues on the internet is visible on search engines like Google. To stand out from the competition, paid (online promotions) and natural (SEO, content strategy) strategies are deployed to set you apart from your competitors.

Your target: Some targets are less comfortable with the Internet. We can take the example of the junior or senior target. Note, however, that there are always prescribers who inquire online. Like adult children who ask about their parents, some parents inquire or buy for their children.

The promotion of your articles and your services: It is impossible to touch or try your product on the internet. You will have to go into the details of the product, its description, its benefits, as well as engaging visuals to convince your potential customer to order.

Increase your distance sales: advances in internet marketing

In addition, your success will depend on the means deployed to reach your audience and generate sales. Therefore, beyond creating an e-commerce site, investment is necessary to connect with your target audience and gain visibility on the internet. The objective is to keep your e-commerce site alive overtime to generate profits. However, technologies and digital strategies are constantly evolving. It is why calling on web marketing experts will considerably increase your site’s visibility and your turnover.

Several marketing methods generate quality traffic on your site and maximize your conversions (online sales). In particular, paid referencing systems (purchase of keywords, distribution of advertising banners, sponsored links), natural referencing (SEO), content strategy, or even integrating social networks into your media plan.