Promoting Your Content on Reddit 101

If you have ever Googled an answer to an obscure question and found it on a website that looks like it is from the 90s, it was probably Reddit. The self-proclaimed ‘front page of the Internet, Reddit is a place that hosts public discussions on basically every topic you can think of, and is currently among the top 15 most visited websites online. Due to its rising popularity and 52 million active users per day, Reddit has become an enormous platform for different kinds of content.

However, promoting yourself on Reddit is not easy since Redditors do not take kindly to self-promotion. In this article, we are going to give you some useful tips that will help you gain the trust of the community and promote your content on Reddit.

1) Participate in a community

It all starts with finding the right audience. The first thing you want to do when it comes to Reddit traffic generation is to subscribe to subreddits that your content is related to and participate in Reddit communities. This way, you can learn which content does and which does not work among the targeted audience. For example, if you are creating content related to gaming, you should explore subreddits such as r/games or r/truegaming and try to plug some of your content there.

2) Don’t spam the users

SPAM - Might be fitting if you're talking about social media spam or email spam ;)

Only you know how much time and work you spent on creating your content. But if you are constantly trying to blatantly shove and promote it to the users, it might end up counterproductive, and moderators could even ban you for good. Instead, try to make it casual and promote your work in the form of, for example, a recommendation or advice.

However, make sure you customize and tailor your comments to particular threads that you are engaging with. Since other users and moderators can see your activity, posting the exact same comment under every discussion will not only mark you as a spammer but will get you banned as well. You can always use Upvote.Shop to schedule the posts at any given time.

3) Be transparent

One of the reasons why many users have migrated to Reddit is annoying ads that constantly ambush them on other social media. Redditors can smell a concealed promotion from a mile away, which is why you should take a few clever steps in order to win over the Reddit community.

You should always introduce yourself and your content and try to connect with the users over the shared interest. It is much safer to say something like, ‘I actually made a video about this; check it out at the end of your comment, than to post the video on a community front page multiple times, where it will most likely end up overlooked.

4) Make your content worth engaging

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Reddit is a website on which the amount of content is constantly expanding. New threads, news, ideas, and images are being posted day and night. Among the abundance of various subjects, you will want to make your content stand out and be worth the users’ time and attention. Make sure you present them with a valuable product or a piece of media that you proudly stand behind.


To sum up, your content’s success on Reddit depends on many factors, but the most important one is making sure that you add value, engage and therefore build the trust in the community that your content belongs to. The etiquette of a good Redditor is being active in a community and showing users that you are not there just to spam and promote yourself. This way, you can smartly target your Reddit audience, collecting engagement and revenue for your content or growing business.