Protect, Share, and Monitor Confidential Emails With Sealit

If you want to protect confidential files and emails without passwords, Sealit is the best choice for you. Using this tool will save your data from being compromised, and you will not have to think of new passwords and remember them. Many other solutions are complicated to use but not Sealit. So, let’s take a look.

Sealit Features

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Sealit is best suited for accountants and consultants, but you can use it even if you do not fall under these categories. It is a Zero Trust data protection platform with the job of securing confidential data with a single click and without passwords. This security model protects your sensitive data even if your device gets compromised. With integrations for Outlook and Gmail, sending encrypted emails is enabled in just one click without any additional setup. Sealit complies with industry regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.

There is also an option to put up protection prompts if you send emails to the wrong recipients. The desktop app will allow you to encrypt any file format by right-clicking on it and choosing the “Secure with Sealit” option. For Mac users, the web portal allows for encryption and decryption of any file format up to 200MB in size. You can share access with your team by modifying the file access option.

Mobile App and Monitoring

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With the mobile app, you can use biometrics instead of passwords to decrypt secure emails and files. This ensures you have total privacy and security without anybody, not even Sealit, being able to access your files other than you. The authentication request will come to your mobile app, and you can then use Touch ID or Face ID to open the request. The setup takes less than a minute, saving everybody’s time.

By using active monitoring, you will always know who is accessing your confidential data, what they are accessing, and where. You will receive a real-time alert about any potential threats immediately if any suspicious activity is detected. On top of this, the activity dashboard gives you a detailed security overview of your data, and you can even invite collaborators to access it.


Before we mention pricing plans, you should first be aware of what you are getting, no matter the plan. You will receive lifetime access to Sealit, all future updates, and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Features that are included are a personal biometric Sealit ID, email and file password-less encryption and decryption, secure monitoring analytics for confidential information flow, email integrations with Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, and other providers via Outlook, File protection for any file format, integration with Apple and Android, etc.

The first package costs $79 for a one-time purchase. It includes a license for 10 users with unlimited emails sent per month, unlimited encrypted files, unlimited email accounts linked to Sealit, unlimited analytics monitoring, and unlimited recipient users. The second package costs $158 for a one-time purchase and includes licenses for 25 users and features from the first tier. The final package costs $237 for a one-time purchase and includes licenses for 100 users and features from previous packages.


If you need a great solution that will easily encrypt your emails and files end-to-end, Sealit is the best choice for you. With powerful features like password-less biometric authentication, monitoring analytics, activity dashboard, and others, you will be on top of the game and take the right steps toward preventing any potential attacks or unauthorized access to sensitive data.