How to Communicate With Site Visitors in Real-Time With the Help of a Handy Plugin

In case you feel like your e-mail is getting filled to the brim with one-sentence questions or you are just looking for a way to better engage with your website visitors. We have a solution for you. What you need is an integrated chat function on your website. If you are still not sold on the idea of adding a chat function, you should be aware of the fact that it does a bit more than just reduce the number of questions you get sent to your e-mail. One of the most important features of a chat box is approachability. You want to make your visitors feel welcome.

By knowing that your company is not a giant faceless entity, users will feel more inclined to try out the product you offer. Not only that, but with a chat function, you can quickly and easily point confused visitors in the right direction. This combination of a pleasant atmosphere and ease of access can lead to an increase in sales.

Even though this might seem daunting if you are not familiar with writing code, you can rest assured that someone has already made a great chat box integration for your website. This is where the meat of this article comes in, as it’s going to focus on comparing two of the best chat integrations for your website. Let’s get to it. homepage

To start things off, we have, a CallNow messenger. This means that it supports text chat and offers voice and video calls at the same time. And this is pretty impressive as you don’t really see this feature that often. Other than that, has an awesome-looking chat box that is surely going to catch your visitors’ attention. And that is pretty much it from what your users will see, as is not intrusive and only offers you the features that you actually need.

But when it comes to the developers’ side of things, provides you with a plethora of useful tools. First and foremost, it allows you to customize your chatbox to better suit your page’s image. After you finish setting up your chat box widget, simply add it to your site in a few clicks, and you are good to go. As you keep using it, you will find that it automatically records and stores calls as well as keeping a log of all text chats. features

And in case you want to check how much your customers engage with your support and what agent they talked to, you can always check the call history, as it will provide you with all the relevant information. Another benefit of this tool is its integrated database in which you can store all of your contacts, whom you can then contact via e-mail or other channels.

And as luck would have it, this plugin isn’t only available on WordPress. It can also be used on other site builders like Wix and online stores like WooCommerce or certain CRM-s. When it comes to pricing, GetLead.pages has a free version that only offers the text chat function and other basic features. That’s why we would recommend that you head on over to AppSumo as it is currently running a promotional 60% off sale so grab it while it’s still available.


REVE Chat homepage

REVE Chat is the internet’s favorite premium customer interaction tool. With its huge selection of features, it is a force to be reckoned with. Without going into too much detail, we are going to focus on website customer interaction and chat options. Just like, Revchat offers both text and video chat that can be integrated into your website without too much trouble.

But where Revchat really shines is in its additional features. For example, with the co-browsing feature, you can take control of your users’ browsing experience and help them better navigate your website, and with the screen sharing feature, your user’s browsing experience will surely improve. Not only that, but REVE Chat also allows you to create a chatbot that can automatically answer frequently asked questions. This is all great, but what really steals the show is REVE Chats’ ability to support multi-channel messaging.

REVE Chat features

This means that you can interact with customers contacting you via many different avenues like Whatsapp, Messanger, or Telegram without having to switch tabs around and mess with multiple apps. All of the mentioned platforms and others can be accessed from one easy-to-use and clean-looking platform.

Since this is a premium plugin, a thing that really stands out is its great customer support, so if you ever have any problems, you can easily reach out to them and have them fix them for you in no time. When it comes to pricing, you have the ability to choose between a monthly or yearly subscription plan. And with three plans tailor-made to appeal to different groups, at least one is going to be right for you. You can check them out by following this link.


Being able to engage with customers in an easy and efficient way has never been more important. Because of that, even startup companies are starting to implement chat software into their web pages, and you can’t allow yourself to fall far behind. From boosting sales, web traffic, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction, you can be sure that adding some sort of chat feature can greatly improve your website.

Both and REVE Chat are straightforward to install and use. The only tough choice that you have to make is choosing the right one for your business. And while I would usually recommend REVE Chat over, the deal that is currently up on Appsumo is too good to pass up. So go and grab at a discounted price while you still can, and make your website a better place by offering quality customer service.