Running a Successful Video Blog Isn’t as Hard as You Think

People would much rather watch a video than read a blog post. The information is more digestible and easier to understand. That’s why more and more bloggers create content in video form. Video blogs are just like normal blogs, so they become visible to people who can rate, comment, and share the videos. These days, you can come across video blogs about lifestyle, health, travel, fashion, education, and so on. In fact, vlogging is so popular that many make a living out of it.

If you’re willing to allocate time to your personal brand, you can become a huge success. There’s no better time than now to start your own video blog website. You can capture significant amounts of viewers and subscribers. The best part is that there’s no specific rule, meaning that you can do pretty much what you want. If you’re curious to know what goes into a successful video blog, keep on reading. We’re going to teach you what to do. Don’t worry. It’s not complicated at all.

Essentials for easy and impressive blogging

A camera


You need a good camera to create outstanding content. For professional-looking videos, you don’t have to spend a fortune on technology. All you need is a decent camera with good audio options for shooting. You can use your smartphone in the beginning, but if you want to be a serious blogger, having a camera (and other pieces of equipment) is essential.

Make sure the camera has a good battery life, it’s lightweight, and, most importantly, has plenty of storage room. Use your smartphone only if it’s an emergency. Opt for a compact or action camera. Indeed, it doesn’t offer the same high-end controls as a mirrorless camera, but it’s able to go places.

Video editing software

Video editor close-up

Video editing software helps you transform raw material into something more appealing. It requires some know-how, but don’t worry because there are many how-to guides you can consult. Use a tool that features a simple and intuitive interface and offers easy access to the main features and functionalities. The post-production process is very important for your video blog. There are different types of software available on the market. There are free online video editor options, while others require a paid subscription.

A microphone


A microphone ensures superior sound quality indoors and outdoors. The most common type of microphone used for vlogging is a cardioid microphone, which picks up sound from the front and sides. If you have to have greater control over what is heard in your posts and cancel annoying background noise, invest in an external microphone. Not having an adequate piece of equipment will significantly impact the production value of your video.

Good audio

guitar closeup

We can’t talk about online video blogs without mentioning audio, which is just as important as stunning visuals. So, go the extra mile and include music in your videos. Make sure that the vibe matches the vlog’s genre. Examples of vibes that your vlog could have are uplifting, reflective, inspirational, busy, peaceful, etc. When you’re preparing audiences for the show, the music grabs their attention and creates a sense of urgency.

Attention needs to be paid to the fact that some songs have a creative license. Use royalty-free music and use the music anytime you want. Opt for an intro music download when it comes to your next project.

Vlogging how to: How to shoot a video

Just be yourself to grow awareness

Taking photos

Once you have the basic yet critical amount of equipment, you can start shooting videos. Successful vloggers have powerful personalities, and they’re not afraid to laugh at themselves. It’s important to be yourself. Even if everything you film has a direct impact on your personal brand, don’t take everything to heart.

Choose differing, relevant topics and try to sustain your audience’s interest. Vlogging often takes place in public areas. When shooting outside, ignore the glances from the crowd and do your thing. Talk to the camera as if you were talking to your friends.

Make the first 15 seconds count

In case you didn’t know, the human attention span is at its lowest, and this has something to do with technology. If you want people to watch your videos from beginning to end, make sure the first 15 seconds are memorable. Make the audience curious about what’s going to happen in the vlog. Most importantly, make sure the vlog doesn’t exceed 4 minutes. Short videos still rule these days.

Use the right tone and words

Man recording video and audio

It’s important to choose the right tone of voice for your blog. If you want to establish a long-standing relationship with viewers, be friendly, approachable, and empathetic. Now more than ever, people want to form emotional connections with those they follow. Finding your own voice is important for standing out in the crowded marketplace.

Basically, it gives viewers a sense of who you are and what you stand for. Your choice of words is equally important.  Avoid specialized jargon because there’s a high chance that you public isn’t knowledgeable in that area. You should be understood easily and instantly.

Don’t ignore the power of video description

It’s easy to oversee the video description. After all that hard work, you trick yourself into thinking that the video speaks for itself and it doesn’t need a description. Well, it does. Write a short description that disclosed the topic of the content and hooks prospective viewers. It’s paramount to optimize the description for SEO. Think about including one or two keywords to maximize search traffic. Needless to say, you should write like a human. Don’t just throw words around.


All in all, vlogging isn’t as difficult as you may think. You can have your very own blog up and running in a couple of hours without great effort. Post informative, well-researched, and original content. Make your blog mobile-friendly so that you can increase your visibility to your audience. Make sure to stay active and post regularly. Share and express yourself, but don’t make a habit out of checking your stats every week.