5 Elements of a Successful SaaS Website

For every SaaS business, its website serves as its storefront. It is the place where the business makes its first impression, showcases its products, and converts visitors into buying customers. Therefore, the design of your SaaS website will have a significant impact on your conversion rate and, as a result, the overall success of your company. So, if you’re thinking about which elements you should incorporate into your SaaS site in order to make it more effective? Here are 5 crucial elements to have in mind during your first build or site redesign.

Demo Video or Product Overview

Smiling ethnic woman shooting vlog on phone while demonstrating clothes

Most consumers won’t even think about purchasing a product without seeing it first. That’s why your site needs images of your software or, better yet, a demo video that showcases how your software works. Seeing how your product works is definitely better than reading paragraphs of text, but most people prefer a combination of visuals and copy, so consider also adding a product overview.

A product overview is a short description of what your software is, how it works, and how it will help your potential clients solve their issues. The overview highlights the product’s key features and aims at compelling visitors to subscribe to your service.

 Good SEO Hosting

SEO is crucial for every SaaS business that aims to become a leader in its industry. Search engine optimization can help you attract highly qualified traffic to your site, spread the word about your product and brand, and decrease your dependence on paid advertisements. When done properly, SEO can influence more people to sign up for your service or purchase your product.

However, search engine optimization can be a bit tricky and very time-consuming. Search engines are constantly changing and updating so, in order to develop a successful SEO strategy, you’ll need to put time and effort into keeping an eye on such changes. In addition, there are certain limitations you may not be aware of, and a single mistake can get you penalized by search engines. For these reasons, you should consider hiring an SEO hosting company.

With regular hosting, a large number of websites are hosted on the same server and share the same IP, which can result in negative points with search engines. A good SEO host will provide a dedicated IP for each website, a single control panel to manage all your domain names, private nameservers for each domain, an SEO strategy, and other services to help improve your rankings while at the same time easing up the SEO-related workload on you and allowing you to focus on running your business.

 Customer Support

A man working in a call center

As you might already know, customer retention is vital to the success of any SaaS business, so you have to ensure that your customers are getting the support they need in order to get the most out of your product. One of the best ways for your customers to contact your team (besides email, phone, web forms, and social media) is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is becoming increasingly popular as a customer support channel. By now, the platform has over 2 billion users, and this number is still growing.

Being reachable via WhatsApp means providing instant communication to customers, which can have a big impact on the customer experience. There are 3 ways to embed WhatsApp chat in website: click and chat, QR code, and by using a multichannel widget. Your customer support section should also include a self-service section that will contain FAQs, documents, training content, product guides, forums, help desk functions, etc.

Pricing Page

The pricing page is the point at which a purchasing decision is made, and that’s why it deserves special attention. Ideally, the pricing page should include pricing tiers, features, annual payments, freemiums, all with an aim to convey the differences in plans and simplify the choices for your prospects. To boost your conversion rates, consider also including information about add-ons, a pricing calculator, FAQ section, and a call to action to get a quote or sign up for a free trial.

Call to Action

Subscription screen

Whether you’ve created a new landing page, relevant blog post, or a PPC ad, a good call to action is what prompts visitors to take an important action (sign up for a free trial, request a quote, contact sales reps, or schedule a demo). However, designing great CTAs isn’t as easy as it sounds.

A good CTA should be informative, targeted but still remain concise. It should make the purpose obvious, so visitors know exactly what it results in, but also compelling enough and relevant to the content on the page. For example, if you want visitors to sign up for a free trial, your CTA should say it is free, how long it lasts, and that no credit card is required.

Final Thoughts

Including these 5 essential elements on your SaaS site will allow you to provide visitors with all the necessary information they need in order to figure out how your software will benefit them and help them make an informed buying decision.