The Society Season 2, Filming Stopped, Resume Doubtful Now

The Society Season 2. The current situation has been very upsetting if you ask me. People can’t meet their friends, the family can’t go to work ( although it’s kind of a long vacay ). But what’s more upsetting is that our favorite TV shows are getting canceled.

Sadly Season 2 of The Society has been added to the list along with I’m Not Okay With This.

What is The Society about?

Created by Christopher Keyser The Society is an American mystery teen drama. In a strange turn of events, a group of teenagers finds themselves alone in their hometown. When they return home from their canceled trip they find everyone from their hometown has disappeared. Now it is up to them to survive in limited resources and try to make contact with the outside world.

Possible Release Date of The Society Season 2?

May 10 2019 was the release date of The Society. Filming for season 2 had started in 2019 and the release would have been in late 2020. In an announcement video we even saw a few actors talking about season 2; even gave few teases about what to expect. However, on 21 august 2020 Netflix declared that there will be no season 2 for the society.

Reason For Cancelling The Society Season 2?

The primary reason for the season to get delayed was due to COVID-19. The Society and I’m Not Okay With This have been canceled due to the pandemic.

Along with the pandemic, another reason for the cancellation of the show is the budget problems. With the production stopped it is difficult to manage the whole cast of a series- as told by Netflix.

Although this might be temporary we hope that things go back to normal and we could see our beloved shows again!