Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating a Flyer

When creating a brochure, there are common mistakes that people make. Have you ever made a flyer that you loved, but nobody took? If you have, then your brochure had the wrong errors.

These mistakes lead to flyers being put in places they don’t belong and landing in the trash without being given a chance to be seen. Below are mistakes to avoid while creating a flyer.

1. Missing Key Information

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One of the common mistakes in creating a flyer is not including all the essential information. Some groups or organizations are more focused on making their brochure good-looking and readable, while others focus on the content.

The first mistake is not including all necessary information when you create a flyer. It would help if you let people know everything they need to know about your organization. Make sure that your message is clear to everyone who will read it.

2. Using Too Many Fonts and Not Getting Anyone’s Opinion

Fonts are critical in the design of your flyer. The different fonts may add a special touch to your handout, but the wrong choices can ruin your design. Examples include using all caps in the middle of a larger font or only one typeface throughout the flyer. When choosing fonts, you should take note of their use and how they look on the page. Choose fonts that complement each other and follow good typography standards.

Whether you are showing your flyer to a few friends or a small group of people, you should always get their opinion. You should show your work before making any significant changes. Get honest feedback and make adjustments until you feel that your flyer is perfect. The better you are at getting opinions, the more people you will meet and the more people that will read your brochure.

3. Using Designs That Aren’t Relative to Your Organization

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Your flyer is the best place to put your organization’s design. Some of these designs might include a mascot or logo. Try to incorporate your design into your flyer to be as important as the other information on the page. The mistake commonly made is putting a random design on top of an otherwise good flyer.

4. Using Shapes That Are Too Cluttered and Too Much Comic Relief

Shapes used in flyers are everything. If you use too many shapes, your flyer will only be confusing to the reader. Using a flyer with too many shapes might cause the reader to lose focus or even get bored. When choosing shapes, you should select only ones that serve the purpose of your flyer and don’t make the content too cluttered.

Comic relief used in flyers is usually humorous and can be a great catch. However, it can also be distracting and cause people to lose focus. There should be a balance between funny and severe statements. If your flyer is funny because you are using the wrong words or images, your brochure can look unprofessional.


When creating a flyer, it is crucial to avoid these common mistakes. A good flyer is not only clear and simple but also professional-looking. A lot of time and effort goes into creating a flyer, so you need to get a high-quality brochure. You can use software like Adobe Spark to create an appealing flyer within a few minutes.