Top AdMob CPM Rates By Country 2020

The CPM rates for Admob has been declining especially for the banner ads. Over the years, new ad formats emerged and rewarded video ads became one of the most promising ad formats in the mobile app industry. App developers have seen good rates for this ad format where the advertiser demand is higher. Rewarded ads are essentially for brand engagement and send a strong sentiment to its users. The year 2020 saw the rise and adaptation of rewarded ads, thus increasing the overall earnings potential for app developers.




The fact is the rates that Android developers can earn while monetizing traffic with Admob can differ a lot.

For example, one of our partner app developers used to monetize his social app with AdMob interstitials. The most of his traffic goes from Brazil where he has reached $ 1.1 CPM with AdMob. After switching to Epom Apps, his CPM raised to $ 1.8 and is still growing.

As getting lots of feedback from Android developers who used to monetize their traffic with AdMob, I decided to write an article and compare AdMob with Epom Apps.

Here is a general overview of the Epom Apps vs AdMob comparison.

Rewarded videos are user-initiated ads from which users can earn in-app rewards in exchange for viewing a video ad. Rewarded videos have shown to be very popular with users, advertisers and publishers alike. Thanks to the high satisfaction of users and high CTRs of this format, as you can see below, rewarded videos generates the highest eCPMs out of all of the mobile ad formats.

This year’s eCPM in Q3 performed well but not as well as last year’s. Based off of our October and November data, we predict that the eCPMs for Q4 this year will end with a slight increase to around $12.40, below last year’s Q4. Q1 2020 should more or less match Q3 2019 at around $11.50 eCPM.