Top-Rated Scraping Tools for Business Owners in 2022

Data is supreme in every field of modern-day businesses, from IT and marketing to HR and sales. Each of these teams uses data to identify trends and forecast behavioral patterns to aid in better decision-making. The baseline for data extraction is to understand clients and improve service delivery and product quality. Data scraping is a multifaceted field involving multiple tools, skills, and steps.

Why Do Businesses Need the Best Data Scraping Tools?

Web harvesting (or web data extraction) tools search target websites and automatically or manually gather information. They can read complex data languages and analyze algorithms to find valuable intelligence for your business. These tools collect and store data about target services, products, and services, enabling companies to strategize and plan for successful operations. Here’s a comprehensive review of the top-rated scraping tools in 2022.


ScrapingBot homepage

ScrapingBot is the ultimate web scraper for veteran and beginner web developers and product creators. It enables users to scrape data from target URLs, especially the product pages. The scraper is suitable for collecting data such as delivery costs, product images, pricing, product descriptions, product titles, and stock.

Business owners need this web scraping tool to aggregate product data or collect essential commerce information. The web scraper provides unique APIs to aid data collection from social media platforms and Google search results. After the free tier, pricing starts at $39 for freelancers, $99 for startups, and $299 for larger businesses.


Diffbot website

Diffbot tops the list of the world’s best content extractors with robust data scraping capabilities. The tool has a super-responsible Analyze API feature for automatically detecting and identifying pages and content types. Diffbot is ideal for extracting intelligence from images, products, discussions, articles, and videos.

The tool has the intelligence to do entity matching and scrape topic-level ideas. Diffbot has visual processing capabilities, facilitating the scraping of non-English website pages. Extracted content can be in CSV or JSON formats, depending on your intelligence needs.

In addition, the tool has custom crawling controls and image extraction APIs. Sadly, Diffbot costs are slightly higher, starting at $299 a month. Its high-end and Al-powered algorithms can solve most web scraping problems.


Scraper on Google store

Scraper is a free-to-use web scraping tool that doubles as a Chrome extension. This web scraper is perfect for businesses and individuals with limited data extraction needs. It’s a tool for experts and beginners who want to extract and copy data to spreadsheets and clipboards easily.

The tool sits on your Chrome browser and automatically scrapes websites to collect valuable data. It works by auto-generating XPaths used by the bots to crawl through URLs and extract useful data. However, Scraper is not the best scraping tool for large businesses and enterprises that need to gather vast volumes of data.

Webhose homepage

This web data scraper supports the harvesting of enterprise-level data in real time. With, users enjoy smooth and efficient extraction of clean and structured data with entity and sentiment recognition. The tool pulls and stores data in various formats, including JSON, XML, and RSS. The scraper offers multiple filters that enable you to enhance the data harvesting process. offers paid and free versions, with the latter version limiting HTTP requests to 1,000 per month. The paid version provides image analytics, geo-location, unlimited HTTP requests, and higher volumes of data. Afraid of your IP getting banned? Residential proxies can protect your scraping, whether you pay for or not.


ScraperAPI website

ScraperAPI is the last data harvesting tool you can add to your list. It can efficiently and smoothly manage CAPTCHAs, proxies, and web browsers. ScraperAPI supports almost all programming languages, including Java, PHP, Bash, and Python.

Its core features include but are not limited to a user-friendly and beautiful interface. It commands over 40 million IPs and boasts unlimited bandwidth, delivering speeds of up to 100 Mb/s. It supports over 50 geo-locations and JavaScript rendering. ScraperAPI has four essential tiers: Hobby at $29, Startup at $149, Business at $299, and Professional at $999.


To upscale and improve your strategizing and marketing game, it’s time you got closer to your clients. You need to know what they want and how they want it to meet their expectations. To understand your clients better, scraping tools and proxies are the two most essential weapons in your arsenal.