Why it’s Important to Check the Features While Choosing a Health Insurance Policy

When it comes to healthcare insurance, does price tell the whole story? The answer is No. While price is certainly a key consideration, a crucial element often gets overlooked: the features and benefits offered by each policy. But with the best health insurance plans available from different insurers, how do you choose the right one? What features must you look for in a healthcare insurance plan?

Do not worry! This article will help you with this decision. The following sections will discuss some features you must consider when choosing health insurance in India in 2024. But before that, let us understand what healthcare insurance is and how it works.

Health insurance

What is a Healthcare Insurance Plan?

A healthcare insurance plan is an agreement between you and the insurance provider. You pay a certain amount, known as a premium, to the insurance provider. In return, the provider offers financial coverage for healthcare costs.

The best health insurance company in India covers medical expenses up to a certain limit, known as the sum insured. The insurer can compensate for your medical costs in two ways: cashless treatment, where the insurer directly pays the hospital, and reimbursement, where you initially pay for the medical costs and later seek reimbursement from the best health insurance company in India.

This coverage safeguards against escalating medical expenses and helps preserve emergency funds and lifetime savings during medical emergencies.

What are the Features to Consider When Choosing a Healthcare Insurance Plan in 2024?

Choosing one of the best health insurance plans is a significant decision that can impact your financial and health situation. Below are the essential features to consider in 2024:

1. Waiting Period

The waiting period is the time you must wait before your coverage begins. For pre-existing diseases, this period can vary from one insurer to another. Lower waiting periods are preferable, as they allow you to use your policy’s benefits sooner. Always check the waiting period clause in the policy document before making a decision.

2. Policy Premium and Sum Insured

The premium is the amount you pay for the policy, and the sum insured is the maximum amount the insurer will cover. It’s essential to balance a premium you can afford with a sum insured that adequately covers your needs.

3. Coverage for a Wide Range of Treatments and Diseases

It’s crucial to verify that your health insurance in India provides wide coverage for specific treatments and diseases. This should encompass coverage for critical illnesses as well as newer treatments. Be aware that some policies may not cover certain diseases or treatments. Therefore, a thorough review of the policy document is indispensable to ensure it meets your needs.

4. Network of Hospitals

Insurers have a network of empanelled hospitals where you can avail yourself of cashless treatment. A more extensive network of hospitals gives you more options for treatment and increases the likelihood of cashless treatment. This can be particularly helpful in emergencies when arranging cash, which can be a challenge.

5. Room Rent Limit

Some policies limit the room rent you can claim. Usually, this cap is stated as a percentage of the whole insurance. Ensure this limit is reasonable and in line with the room rents in hospitals in your city. A low room rent limit can significantly reduce the actual coverage you get.

6. Coverage for New-Age Treatments

With medical advancements, new treatments are constantly emerging. Ensure your policy covers these. This includes treatments like robotic surgeries, stem cell therapy, etc. As these treatments can be expensive, having them covered under your best health insurance plans can lead to substantial savings.

7. Pre/Post-Hospitalisation Coverage

This covers costs incurred before and after hospitalisation, such as tests and medicines. You should look for policies with extensive pre and post-hospitalisation coverage. This can help you save on out-of-pocket expenses for diagnostic tests, medicines, and post-operative care.

8. Coverage for Preventive Health Checkups

Regular health checkups can help diagnose diseases early, making treatment more accessible and cheaper. Some policies cover these checkups, so consider this feature when choosing a plan. Preventive healthcare is becoming increasingly important, and having it covered under your health insurance in India is a significant benefit.



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