Adsterra Alternatives 2020 best pop-under networks

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1. Popads

Popads has been one of the evergreen pop-under advertising network for more than a decade. It is used by many leading websites because of its strong optimization algorithms which are able to bring good revenue to the publishers and webmasters. Popads claims to be one of the most lucrative ad networks out there in the market which can help publishers make great revenue if they have quality traffic from tier one countries.


AdSense is one of the best performing ad network that help publishers monetize their traffic at premium rates across the globe. The network is significant in helping publishers monetize their ad spaces with the help of display ads, search ads, native ads, in-feed ads, link ads, anchor ads and more. It’s auto ads enable publishers to add a line of code and leave it to their machine learning algorithms to display ads at positions which are most likely to convert for a click. With a number of ad formats like banner ads, link ads, text ads, in-article, and in-feed ads, AdSense provides a plethora of options to the publishers who are willing to increase the overall revenue of their website through contextual ads.


Firstly, banner ads have one big problem that results in revenue losses: banner blindness, where users (consciously or subconsciously) ignore the ads because they are viewed as an intrusion.

Infolinks gets around this problem by offering an innovative set of free-to-use and profitable ad units viz. InFold (overlay ads), InText (text links ads), InTag (tag cloud ads), InFrame (banner ads in margins and frames), and InScreen (smart interstitial ads).


martyAds SSP is a media-selling network created for publishers who seek intelligent revenue optimization. Their cross-environment header-bidding wrappers (desktop, mobile or in-app) and high-volume private marketplace deals intensify competition for inventory and help grow publishers’ yield. They serve over 2 billion daily impressions driving the highest eCPMs, CTRs, and fill rates across all geographies which climb up to 100%.


AdBlade is one of those ad networks that focus on quality over quantity. Further, FoxNews, Hearst Corporation, Yahoo!, and ABC are among the 1,000 that comprise this ad network. AdBlade supports standard IAB units, as well as proprietary NewsBullets® units that claim to deliver up to 3X better performance.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]