How To ADD Video Ads in Google Ad Manager

In any case, publishers must start experimenting with video ads in order to earn more revenue. In this post, we cover how to start with video ads in Google Ad Manager. 

Video Ad Types Supported in Google Ad Manager

Before beginning with the process of running video ads in GAM, publishers must first have an understanding of the ad types that Ad Manager supports. GAM allows three types of video ad types: Linear, Non-linear, and Companion.

Running Video Ads in Google Ad Manager

The process of implementing video ads in Google Ad Manager is a 5-step process:

  1. Create ad units
  2. Video ad tag generation
  3. Create video line items
  4. Add creatives to line items
  5. Create reports
  6. Pre-requisites of running video ads in Google Ad Manager

    Before we proceed with understanding how video ads are run in Google Ad Manager, we must first look into some of the necessary conditions for setting up these ads.

    • Video Players: In order to run video content (including ads) on a website, publishers need a video player. While there are multiple options available, Google offers their own list of partners to get started with.
    • Although optional, but highly recommended is the integration of the video player with Google IMA SDK. This is beneficial for all publishers as the IMA SDK supports all video templates by IAB: VAST, VPAID, and VMAP.


    Understanding the process of running video ads in Google Ad Manager can get tricky in the beginning and publishers may face technical difficulties. But the growth that video advertising will bring to your revenue is worth the effort. In case doing this on your own is too difficult, we have created a list of video ad networks that can help you achieve this.

    Optimizing revenue across all buyers

    When we launched Ad Exchange nearly a decade ago, we created a marketplace to help you earn more from real-time competition for your inventory. Today’s exchange is not just an auction, but also a complete sales channel. With Ad Manager, you can curate who has access to your inventory, alongside all your reservation and programmatic demand, and optimize your relationships for yield.

    So, with the integration of AdX into Ad Manager, we’re retiring the Ad Exchange brand. The programmatic buyers and networks formerly called “AdX buyers” will now be known as “Authorized Buyers,” a name that reflects the close relationship you have with these partners. You’ll start seeing this change in the Ad Manager UI over the next several months.

    Protecting you from bad actors

    Over the last year, the digital advertising industry has faced a lot of challenges, from brand safety to ad fraud. These issues can degrade user experience with inappropriate ads and annoying creatives—or, even worse, harm users with malware-laden ads, and hurt advertisers with invalid, domain-spoofed inventory and non-human bot traffic.

    With Ad Manager, you can be confident the ads we deliver will respect your brand and keep your users and advertisers safe. We have more than 30 controls to help you manage the type of ads you allow to make sure they meet your brand values. In 2017, our industry-leading spam detection and policy enforcement tools took down more than 3.2 billion ads before they reached users. To ensure you don’t lose money to domain spoofing, Google was the first to integrate the IAB TechLab’s ads.txt standard into all our ads platforms. Rest assured, you have a partner invested in protecting your brand and business as the industry continues to evolve.