Best Cold Email Software That Help Your Business Grow Faster and Smarter

When it comes to promoting your business, there are so many ways to go about it that they are practically innumerable. So let’s review one of the best tried and true methods that have been in use since even before the internet (although it was called differently then). And that method is cold emailing. For those of you who still aren’t sure what a cold email is, cold emailing is a marketing method that sends emails to potential customers. And before you jump to any conclusions, cold email outreach is not by any means akin to spam.

Cold emails are highly personalized messages that target a specific individual with a specific message rather than a broad message sent to multiple receivers. Cold emails come especially useful to new up-and-coming businesses that want to promote a specific product to customers. So, for example, instead of sending a generic email to everyone whose account starts with the letter b, you write up a specific email that targets your desired audience that you know might be interested in your products.

It’s a quick way for you to advertise your products while, at the same time, it doesn’t bother receivers who can opt out of it at any time. But doing cold emails by hand can get tedious. That’s why we recommend you use cold email software to make your job easier and improve your advertising capabilities.

1. Postaga

Postaga homepage

Let’s start out with one of the best cold emailing software out there, Postaga. With Postaga, you can promote your business with ease. In it, you can build highly customizable campaigns, from just simple mentions to an all-in package of offering your own expertise. And Postaga does all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is work out the specifics of what you want in the campaign and Postaga will generate all the necessary links and find your potential contacts.

And you can easily keep track of all your campaigns with Postaga’s detailed dashboard that even tracks whether or not your emails were opened and replied to. Postaga also offers email templates so that you can reference your own work for a more efficient and to-the-point writing style. So why not increase your traffic with the help of Postaga, especially considering Appsumo is currently offering it for free.

2. Cold Email Master

Cold Email Master homeapge

If you believe that most cold email software is just not up to your standard, check out Cold Email Master. It’s an exclusive course that teaches you how to send emails that even the busiest of people will want to respond to. Dealing with a wide range of topics, from marketing efficiency to psychology, Cold Email Master offers a perfect package that will help you learn cold emailing strategies in a step-by-step process.

And upon completion, you receive a wonderful checklist that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build the best emails, with a focus on why personalization matters. Mastering the intricacies of cold emails is crucial in growing your email list, so there’s no reason not to get Cold Email Master.

3. Woodpecker

Woodpecker homepage

If you need cold email software that integrates with both Gmail and Outlook, look no further than Woodpecker. Woodpecker’s automated emailing sequences, as well as duplicate detection systems, make it a perfect app for cold emailing. Since it offers integrations with various business tools, it’s great for online market promotions and other online business ventures.

And to make your job easier, Woodpecker’s user interface and dashboard have been designed with your needs in mind. Even though you can’t send email attachments, it more than makes up for it with automatic reply detection, scheduling, and tracking. And with A/B testing and if-campaigns, you really do get all the bang for your buck and should definitely consider getting Woodpecker.

4. Reply

Reply homepage

And if it’s sales outreach what you’re looking for, then maybe you should try Reply. Reply is a leading competitor for cold email management as well as campaign follow-ups. Built as an easy-to-use dashboard, Reply offers plenty of customizable features that will make your marketing campaigns the talk of the town.

And while it is a bit pricey with starting prices ranging from $70 a month per 1000 emails, Reply is definitely worthwhile if you want to automate your emailing process. And with its extensive report system, you’ll see all the little detail about the performance of your campaign.

5. Hunter

Hunter homepage

To start advertising your business, you’re going to need some emails to prompt your products. That’s where Hunter comes in handy. Hunter is a specialized online tool focused on providing you with verified professional email addresses. While that is its main feature, it also offers a cold emailing feature that can utilize its email-finding capabilities. With Hunter, you’ll be able to find the email addresses of your target audience in just a couple of clicks.

All you have to do is type in the name of the company or website that you desire to do business with, and there you have it. Plus, Hunter is perfect for entrepreneurs that are just getting into the business and don’t want to utilize more complex software as it can be worked with just a Gmail account.

6. GMass

GMass homepage

Speaking of Gmail compatibility, there’s probably no cold emailing software as suited to the task as GMass. It allows you to utilize your own Google account in promoting your products with the cold email method. It works effectively as a browser extension that hooks up your Gmail with some extra features such as email list building, email personalization, email analytics, email merging, automated follow-ups, and even automated scheduling.

You can set it up in just a few steps and start marketing your products in a flash. Word of warning, however, GMass is only compatible with the web browser Google Chrome. And while there is a free-to-use version, it’s quite restrictive with its features.

7. Prospect

Prospect homepage

Prospect is an email automation tool that was designed to help you reach out to potential new customers. It can search and verify your potential customers’ email addresses and create marketing campaigns that offer complete personalizations. Prospect also features the ability to share your work with your team so you can design your templates in tandem while working remotely, away from each other.

Not only does it have a strong base application, but it also offers a Chrome extension that can search up potential customers directly from the websites you’re visiting. And while Prospect offers no free trial options, it’s definitely worth checking out.

8. Yesware

Yesware homepage

Yesware is the perfect sales prospecting tool that allows for creating and personalizing cold email marketing campaigns. With Yesware, you can create custom email templates as well as drip campaigns, all while you’re tracking (in real-time even) all of the emails and notifications. You can integrate it with Salesforce, and with its compatibility with Gmail and Outlook, you’ll be able to cast your brand’s “net” across the entire internet.

And while it is a pretty easy-to-use tool, there are still some clutter problems, such as being unable to recognize who’s replying to your emails if you have multiple recipients or a lack of clarity in which campaign your notifications are going off.

9. Autoklose

Autoklose homepage

In online marketing, the real power comes with flexibility and adaptiveness, and that’s why Autoklose is such a great choice. It can find you your potential customers, create campaigns and even turn cold emails into hot communications. And considering you can integrate it to almost any emailing service, as well as Salesforce, it’s pretty much a sure choice.

Autoklose can export and import all the contacts you manage in your campaigns so that you can continue further communication on other platforms. That being said, because it’s so extensive in its features, it’s not really user-friendly, and it may take some time to get used to handling Autoklose.

10. SmartReach

SmartReach homepage

Last but definitely not least is SmartReach. SmartReach is a feature-packed tool aimed at professionals in the field. You can customize practically anything, email sending time, personalize emails, automated workflow, analytic dashboards. And with an easy-to-use interface, you’ll be getting the hang of it in no time. With SmartReach, you’ll be able to manage a large number of campaigns simultaneously.

But that does mean it has a drawback, and that is that it’s not really beginner-friendly. Rather it is much more suited for large-scale teams and companies that can dedicate people to learning such a vast system.


To conclude, using cold emails can be extremely beneficial in growing your business. But to get to that point, you need to be ready to utilize specialized software, which, lucky for you, we just compiled here, and specific tactics to maximize your potential for success, from a detailed step-by-step checklist that leads you to your own triumphs to specialized tools that handle all of your needs with a click of a few buttons.

And if you’re feeling indecisive, we would personally like to recommend Postaga, as it’s currently free to download and try out, as opposed to other costly options.