How to Get Keywords into Google Analytics and Improve Your SEO Strategy: Soar Above the Competition Without Having to Hire an SEO Agency

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We have mentioned SEO tons of times, saying it is very important for a site’s success. Your goal is to be number one in search engines, and drive the most traffic to your site, because it is all about that, right? You are probably wondering, “What do keywords have to do with SEO?”. Well, more than you thought. Keywords, in general, are words, phrases, and sentences, that people use to find your site easily on the web. And also, keywords are the main element of SEO. Inserting certain keywords into your site will make people find you faster and also choose you next to all of your competitors.

Make sure you put together a good keyword list because just that can make or break your site. There are many SEO tests you can perform to check how well certain keywords are doing. There are many helpful tips and tricks online that can help you choose the right keywords and bring in as much traffic as possible, resulting in higher positions when it comes to search engines. We would like to give you a few quick pointers on how to successfully use keywords. The first thing you should do is start by doing keyword research.

If you are someone who does not want to invest tons of money hiring an SEO team or an SEO specialist, there are many videos online you can follow to do it successfully. There are also many free tools online, which can help you. The second thing you should keep in mind is the competition. It is very hard for you to rank high in search engines if there are pages online, which have been there longer and are already on the first page of a search engine. The simplest way to check the competition is by searching the keyword you have in mind and seeing how many results pop up.

You should definitely keep these tips in mind, but also you should know that good, quality content is half of your work of scoring higher in search engines. That means all of these tips and tricks and even good keywords will not help you if your content does not satisfy the readers’ expectations.

Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero homepage

We would like to present you with Keyword Hero. This tool has many awesome features when it comes to keywords, which can be seen from its name. We would like to mention some of the most interesting and important ones, not overflooding you with too much information. This tool functions by gathering up all of your data analyzing it. After that’s done, it uploads it to a new Google Analytics property.

The first awesome feature it offers is the possibility to see which keyword has brought a certain user to your site. This is very useful since you can see which keywords are doing their jobs in bringing in more traffic and which are not so useful and should be replaced. It also gives you information on all of the organic keywords and their sessions, and any additional information about the sessions, as well as all of the details which are important for the SEO.

Another thing you can learn using this great tool is how many conversions and traffic overall you are getting based on your current target words. Other features it offers is telling apart non-brand search traffic from brand search traffic, recognizing if the query is the informational type or transactional, and optimizing positions in the Google SERPs one by one via getting your keywords as high as possible in search engine results pages, and seeing how well they are doing in comparison.

Keyword Hero features

Over the years, using phones to access certain search engines has become a part of our daily lives, especially amongst the younger population. Taking this into consideration, KeywordHhero also allows you to see how good your organic keywords are doing on other devices like phones and tablets and to think of ways to optimize their engagement. Many reviews online guarantee the success of this tool and would highly recommend it to anyone that owns or wants to own a professional site. It is very easy to start using this tool, and the setup process is pretty simple.

When it comes to pricing, they offer two price plans. The first plan is called “Single” and costs $49. Some of the things included in this plan, next to all of the features we have mentioned above, are up to 50.000 sessions/month unlimited amount of URLs, and also one project. The second plan is called “Double” and costs $98. The only thing this plan differs from the first one is the number of sessions a month. So for comparison, the first one gives you 50.000, while the “Double” plan gives you 249,000.


We hope that we have given you all of the information you came to find in the first place. If you are interested in giving this tool a try, you can simply click on the link provided above. Hopefully, you have found this article helpful and are now one step closer to your business and SEO goals.