Best WooCommerce Reports and Analytics Plugins to Grow Your Store With the Help of Data

If you’re running a web store or planning to launch one, having a good WooCommerce reporting and analytics plugin is crucial. More than three million websites are currently using WooCommerce where it represents over 40% of all online shops. If you’re into online shops and web stores, you should know what makes this eCommerce system so unique and one of the vital tools to make the business even more profitable.

What makes WooCommerce so unique is the fact that it’s a powerful tool that helps you turn your WordPress site into an online store. It also allows you to build an eCommerce website within minutes. Here’s a list of the top 5 most used reporting and analytics plugins.

1. Metorik
Metorik homepage

One of the most used and most powerful reporting plugins is Metorik. This plugin offers you lots of reporting templates to choose from. Every template is fully customizable, so you can set your options for reports. You can also change everything regarding your shop, from product offers to order statuses. This tool takes care of every aspect of your shop, including sales, number of orders, number of items, average values, and much more. All of these options enable Metorik to create highly accurate reports.

Some of the best features of this plugin are:

  • Guest insights
  • Orders over time
  • Report of sales by the hour
  • The best and the worst sellers
  • KPIs for every category you want to analyze

Metorik integrates with your existing support system to show customer data right. You can also connect your Google Analytics account to this plugin and get access to all stats. If you’re interested in more of these features and options, have a look around the Metorik website and get ideas for your online store.

2. Divvit

Divvit homepage

Divvit has an amazing analytics option, and it can easily detect key drivers behind positive indicators and points of your sales. The great thing about this plugin is that you track all your results in real-time, which gives you the possibility to react accordingly if you notice something is wrong. Some of the best features this plugin offers are that you’re able to discover who conducted a purchase, see the exact number of touchpoints, see data and sales in real-time, and much more.

Advanced analytics explorer lets you view and drill down on any type of data. With the unique order view, you can evaluate the attribution model and see how it’s implemented. By adding data from the external tools, you get a full picture of your marketing channels, and with just a few clicks, you’re able to gather all this data in a single place.

All of these features (and others too) give you more than enough data, so you can plan well in advance, increase your sales, improve your shop presence online, and the best thing is – it’s totally free of charge.

3. Beeketing For WooCommerce

Beeketing homepage

Beeketing For WooCommerce is a reporting and marketing plugin with a powerful set of features. It’s an all-in-one marketing automation platform that will help you increase average order value, prevent cart abandonment, boost online sales, optimize conversion rates, and much more.

Some of the features you get (totally free, by the way) are:

  • Showing how many people have viewed/bought your products
  • Show a coupon popup to get new visitors and buyers
  • Add a sales countdown counter, low-stock indicator, and product sales options
  • Popup of recent order notifications on site’s corner to create the sense of a busy store
  • Add a „Buy Now“ button on the top or bottom when customers browse your products (on mobile version)
  • Show bestsellers, recently viewed, who bought this also, recommendations, etc

This plugin is a SAAS platform that provides both free and paid plans. If you decide to go with a free version, you get unlimited access to features, updates, and support. However, if you decide to go with the paid features, you get a 15-day free trial and subscription charged, ranging from $8 to $49/month. Technical and marketing support is forever free, regardless of the plan you choose.

4. Metrilo

Metrilo homepage

Metrilo is a growth marketing platform aimed at modern consumer brands  that measures your business performance and gives you detailed insights. This tool helps you grow your brand by making your data actionable and increasing customer retention. One of the powerful features is that it analyzes data in real-time while dismissing canceled, returned, and fraudulent orders.

You can also measure individual product performance and retention analysis. Metrilo lets you engage your customer base for higher retention, and you can connect your WooCommerce store to it in just a few clicks. With Metrilo, you can start growing your business today by starting your 14-day free trial to get all-inclusive features to test out.

5. Enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics

Enchanced eCommerce Google Analytics banner

Enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce has nearly 40,000 users, and it helps you integrate your online webshop with Google Analytics with only one click. This plugin gives you an audience report, a behavior report as well as an acquisition report. You get all of these detailed reports in the free version of this plugin, but if you want more powerful features, you can always switch to a pro plan. There’s lots of accessible data in the free version that you can  integrate with your online shop.

However, if your needs are bigger than that (such as date, time, user segmentation, average time spent on a page, etc.), you’ll probably need to go with the paid version, which costs around $135. Furthermore, the pro gives you better and more detailed reports that are easy to understand. With this plugin, you’re also able to set your metrics in order to track down your own goals and achievements.


In case you’re running an online webshop, you’re most probably using WooCommerce. Above listed are the top 5 most impressive WooCommerce reports and analytics plugins that can boost your online store. With these plugins, it’s almost impossible not to successfully grow your business and increase your online brand presence. But if you want to do even more for your store we suggest also getting an affiliate program as well as an affiliate campaign managemet for WooCommerce.