Best WordPress eCommerce Themes For a Great User-Experience and Impeccable Aesthetics

Online shopping has seen a huge increase in the last few years. People are tired of waiting in line, trying out clothes, and coming to the store and not finding what they want.  That’s just one of the reasons why everyone these days seems to be shopping online. And you can have a piece of that success by owning an eCommerce site. But for that, you need a nice fitting theme. Finding a quality one can be pretty hard. There is an endless sea of them out there. That’s why we collected some of the best ones for you.

The theme you’ll be choosing has to have some eCommerce-specific features. If it doesn’t, it’s only a normal theme for regular blogs. Let us explain why it’s good to have a theme that’s fitting for an eCommerce site. If it is just a regular theme for a blog, then it isn’t going to work. They simply don’t have the features that a shopping site should have.

The first thing that an eCommerce theme has is an interactive shopping cart icon. It works as a reminder for your visitors and offers an easy way to finish up the shopping. We can also add a customizable shopping cart and checkout to this list. Without these two, there would be no sales happening on your site. And having it customizable to your brand is a bonus.

And not to forget, they usually come with pre-made templates and social sharing tools. If the theme of your choosing has these things, it can help you create a buzz with your stylish product pages, and the customers will be able to share them on their social media profiles. So, it’s a win-win. And now, without further ado, let’s dive into our top choices.

1. Jayla

Jayla theme preview

Jayla is the first theme on our list. It is a stylish eCommerce theme that’s a bit more out of the box, looks stunning, and is completely customizable. It doesn’t matter if you are selling digital downloads, physical products, or services – Jayla can be a stylish choice for any store type. Since it’s a WooCommerce theme, integration and shopping functions are really easy to set up.

Plus, if you’re not really into designing or site building, you can rest assured because this theme offers a drag-and-drop builder. And with that, you don’t have to be a pro to easily customize any part of your site. No coding, no hard work, just dragging and dropping with your mouse. The same process is available for the header and the footer.

Besides, the installation of this one is so easy. Just one small click – and your theme is ready. Jayla is compatible with the one and only Yoast SEO. And that will help you get the number one spot on search engines in no time. We all know that SEO is your best friend when it comes to driving more organic traffic to your site.

2. Kalium

Kalium theme preview

The second theme on this list is Kalium. This one is for those who’d prefer more of a unique and tranquil feel to their store. A lot of us heard the saying – a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, instead of static photos, with this theme, you can put videos instead. You do not have to add a video for every product but making it a nice mix is always a great idea.

This theme is also lighter than most, meaning that the loading speed will be incredible. That’s because it has 30% less CSS and 75% less JavaScript. There are more than 30 portfolio layouts for you to choose from, with an incredible design that will showcase your products like no other.

3. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper theme preview

Now, the third theme on this list is Shopkeeper. It is a fully responsive eCommerce WP Theme for WooCommerce. Over 30,000 online store have put their trust into this one – why shouldn’t you be one of them? It is a great-looking, easy-to-use theme, and there is no coding needed. It offers a full-screen homepage that will wow your customers. But if that’s not exactly your style, you can simply change it. It has 10 different homepage layouts – so do not worry.

Plus, if you are just starting out – a coming soon page is also available with this gem. The home page contains a full-screen slider, made possible by the Slider Revolution plugin included in the theme. This in-your-face slider makes this theme the perfect choice for wowing your visitors. The theme also has many layouts for shop pages(duh), portfolios, product demos, a wishlist feature, and more.

4. Flatsome

Flatsome theme preview

Flatsome is our fourth theme of the day. This one is the perfect fit for anyone looking for comprehensive design options. And if you want to expand it further – you easily can. It comes with all the tools you need to create a super-fast responsive site with an amazing user experience. You can customize anything with this theme because of the live theme options panel and the drag & drop header builder.

You can easily create the site that you want with these tools under your belt. And if you are not interested in creating it, then you will have the option to choose a pre-made template. Luckily, this site has many templates ready for you. The templates and the whole design will be mobile responsive, thanks to this theme. Now your mobile visitors can spend some money while taking an Uber.

5. Cerato

Cerato theme preview

The fifth theme we decided to add to this list is  Cerato. It is a one-of-a-kind multipurpose Elementor WooCommerce theme. This one is built around the Elementor page builder plugin. It will give you the freedom to create the site that you want. Because of this, you can easily use the intuitive drag and drop editor to customize any template that this theme has. If you are familiar with the Elementor plugin, you probably know that it’s free.

But this tool gives you a set of add-ons for this builder that makes it even better. The Cerato package also includes some other tools like the Facebook Messenger Live chat. And that addition will give you the freedom to talk to your visitors through the store. It is a great way to connect and get feedback from your customers.

6. Nitro

Nitro preview

The next theme on this list is Nitro. This is a universal WooCommerce theme for almost any kind of eCommerce site. Nitro can fit almost any business, such as electronics, fashion, furniture, sports, digital, and more. The templates it provides are clean, minimalistic, and the whole focus is on the products.

All of them include intuitive design, eCommerce functionalities and perform amazingly. These big three features will give you great loading speed and boost your sales like no other. Besides, you get some cool built-in features like live search, promo popups, out-of-stock alerts, size charts, and wishlists.

7. Artemis

Artemis theme preview

Artemis is the next theme on our hand-picked list. If you are looking for a theme that looks professional and will provide a great user experience  – this is it. Since the design is so slick and impeccable, your brand will appear more polished and trustworthy. It also comes with a bunch of online shop demos, and they all are stylish, classy, and beautiful.

This is perfect if you have some premium products and want to wow your visitors while inviting some high-end customers.

Importing the design to your WordPress site will be easy if you chose this theme. And the eCommerce features your site needs are enabled from the beginning. So there’s no need to be stressed about how to include the product quick search or anything like that. Besides, it is fully mobile responsive. All your customers will be able to enjoy your site no matter the location or the device they’re using.


We are going to conclude this article by saying that the right eCommerce theme can do wonders. Design is everything to the customers. Your website is your brand, your face, your everything. That’s the place where the sale happens – it needs to be perfect. So be sure to check out these themes. We are sure that you will find your perfect fit among them.