Best WordPress Plugins to Make Money Online 2020

a lot depends upon the niche, some of them are worth a try! Some plugins work better for affiliate marketing while some plugin are functional for ad optimization. Go through the following list of best WordPress plugins to make money.

AdPushup- Ad Revenue Optimization

One of the fastest growing companies in the ad optimization industry with an average revenue uplift of 66% across its publishers’ network! Getting started with AdPushup is in fact easy and the process would take less than 24 hours for go live. AdPushup uses advanced A/B testing (multi-variate test to be precise) to check for the best combination of ad placements, ad unit sizes, ad types and ad styles. Also the ad placements change continuously to minimize banner blindness. You can install the ad optimization WordPress plugin- i.e. AdPushup WordPress plugin to  get started with AdPushup!


Try AdRotate. With AdRotate you can easily place advertising banners pretty much anywhere on your site while managing almost everything from the easy to use dashboard. No fussing with your themes code if you don’t want to. Create your own adverts with basic HTML/Javascript code or use adverts from your favorite Ad Server such as DFP, AdSense, Chitika, Doubleclick, JuiceAds and many similar services.

Manage your advertising campaigns with ease, right in your dashboard. Check up on how many impressions adverts have. Monitor ad groups and see which are most effective. Make the most of advertising with the many features AdRotate has to offer. AdRotate looks and feels similar to the WordPress dashboard you already know, so you’re already familiar with AdRotate before you’ve even started. Familiarize yourself with the many useful features and you’ll be up and running very quickly.

Taboola- Native Ad WordPress Plugin

Taboola recommends editorial and sponsored content across many of the world’s most highly-trafficked sites. It help publishers monetize their content, drive higher engagement and enable brands to surface their content to the right audience at-scale. And above all, Taboola help people discover content they may like yet never knew existed.

Adngin- Ad Optimization Plugin

Another ad optimization WordPress plugin which you can try is Adngin! AdNgin is the industry leading solution built to maximize ad revenue through continuous ad layout optimization. Adngin uses a unique algorithm to continuously A/B test AdSense ad units and imrpove AdSense revenues. The easy to use dashboard provides easy drag-and-drop capabilities so no coding necessary, just magic. The WordPress plugin offers simple installation and setup. Its dashboard is created using customer feedback to provide a seamless user experience. You can add new ads, customize sizes & color, behavior, exclude pages, and many more exclusive features.

Infolinks- In Text Ad Network

A number of bloggers have turned towards Infolinks as a means to generate revenue through search engine traffic. The reasons why they choose Infolinks over other ad based networks is that, it is easy to set up and holds nothing much to proceed with. Once Infolinks is installed it would start showing ads on the blog automatically and bloggers would start generating revenue instantly.