Best WordPress Registration Form Plugins: Simple, Fast and Effective Solutions

When you have a website, giving your users the option to register is a big plus. It opens up a lot of new doorways and is overall a good option to have. Especially if you have an eCommerce site, then it is a must-have. If you present the users with that possibility, your shop is way more likely to succeed. Another important thing to take care of is choosing the right WordPress registration form plugin.

A better WordPress registration form plugin means better registration forms, which means a better user interface, which in turn leads to more satisfied website users. Today we made a list of  WordPress registration form plugins that you can use for your website. Without further ado, let’s start with our list.

1. UsersWP

UserWP banner

First on our list is UsersWP. This is a lightweight WordPress registration form plugin that has all you could need. It gives you tools for the user profile, user directory, registration form, and login form. It has a simplistic interface that anyone can use. The editor is of the drag-and-drop kind, which makes it so easy to use. It’s also paired with many awesome shortcodes. They are automatically implemented after all of the pages are activated. All it takes is the click button to turn all of the shortcodes on.

Users profile provides us with a lot of information, like users posts and comments. When speaking of profile pages, they have everything, avatar, menus, and cover images. The plugin also has a nice list of addons, which sell for around $29, but there’s an option to get premium add-ons for the price of $99, as well. Some of the most popular addons amongst users are User Moderation, Mailchimp, WooCommerce, bbPress, Restrict User Signups, Multisite Creator, and many more.

2. WP User Manager

WP User Manager banner

Next on our list is WP User Manager. Where this plugin truly shines is a highly customizable community builder with support for user-profiles and registration forms. The good side of this plugin is that the free version features many of the main plugins. WP User Manager can be a fine choice for both developers and beginners alike.

It allows for the creation of crisp and sleek registration forms that are sure to entice your users. This plugin is translation-ready. It has simple user directories, making it great for finding users and organizing them on a list. All of your forms and modules can be placed anywhere on the website. All the addons and extensions are sold separately, so you do not have to pay $100+ per year membership.

3. User Registration

User Registration banner

Next is User Registration. This is a perfect plugin if you need a simple but effective, frontend registration module. It has a drag and drop builder that improves your design process and erases the need for complicated coding. Best of the User Registration can be accessed in the free plugin, but if you want an upgrade, the best option is a Personal plan for $49. With it, you get premium addons instead of paying for them separately.

Out of many plugins out there, User registration probably makes the process of getting a registration form on your website the easiest. Even with the free version, you can create an unlimited number of registration forms. Shortcode support gives you the option to place your registration forms in columns, pages, and posts. Email notifications are sent out to both users and admins. With User Registration, you can download user data with a simple CSV export.

4. ProfilePress

ProfilePress banner

If you need solid tools for frontend logins and user registration, ProfilePress is certainly a worthy contender. It is meant to conform with just about any WordPress theme. This one is a bit tricky because you need to know how to code with HTML and CSS to establish a professional-looking form. But developers also sell form themes that are meant to go along with certain industries, so you do not need to know any coding if you pay a bit more. But they are not cheap. Their prices are really high and go as high as $599. There are also less expensive packages, starting at $99 per year.

This plugin has all the official themes, three professional add-ons, and all of the standard ones. If you have no need for all of this, you can buy a Personal plan for $69 and save even more. ProfilePress delivers support for an unlimited number of forms and password fields, and all that for free. It provides the user with social logins for Google, GitHub, and Facebook. If you are a developer who wants to begin with beautiful form templates, ProfilePress is just the plugin for you. You need to consider it for sure. It has shown great results.

5. UserPro

UserPro CodeCanyon

UserPro is a plugin that can only be purchased as a premium plugin. Its price is $39, but it occasionally varies. This may sound not that good, considering there is no free version, but for just $39, you get the entire package, allowing you to create login and registration forms with all the freedom you need. It comes with a social connection tool, which makes it even easier to use.

A PayPal integration is included in a package, so you can easily collect payments from your members, a nice addition for eCommerce sites. It also has custom fields that provide multiple registration form templates.

The most famous social media platforms are included in the social connection tools, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When talking about user profiles, it has all it needs and even more. Photos, names, social links, and biography areas. It even gives you the option to follow other users, and with just one click, how amazing is that?  It also features a plugin that includes a searchable member list for individuals to locate people who have similar interests.


With this, we conclude our list. Choosing the right WordPress registration form plugin can be very hard, but if you choose the right one, you are guaranteed to have an amazing login interface, which gives the best possible impression. You surely need to consider one of the five we presented for you today. Best of luck.