An Overview of the Top Website Builders in the World

Website builders have become extremely popular amongst new business owners and entrepreneurs. They are the perfect solution for small businesses. There are so many website builders on the market that business owners and even professional website designers do not know which one to choose. In any case, it’s best to find a website builder that best fits your niche. For example, if you’re building a website for a chain restaurant or business, you’ll want to find a scalable CMS like Glass multiple location website design that can streamline your online presence.

In this article, we compare the best website builders as well as list their pros and cons to help business owners make the best decisions for their business.


BigCommerce homepage

BigCommerce is one of the best e-commerce website builders. The pros of BigCommerce are they offer a fully hosted solution. Their products can be integrated with WordPress as well as all the popular payment gateways. They offer many templates and design options. The cons are that it can be more expensive than other website builders, and moving the website to another platform will be very difficult.


DreamHost homepage

DreamHost is one of the most affordable website builders currently on the market. The pros of DreamHost are that business owners can take full advantage of WordPress while having a customized user experience. DreamHost has professional themes to choose from. When choosing the theme, one can customize the website with the drag-and-drop function. One could also change fonts, layout, and colors. The cons of DreamHost are that one would need a WordPress website. They also do not offer any free plans to try out first.


GoDaddy landing page

GoDaddy is one of the biggest and most popular website builders and hosting services globally. Their products are simple to use, and hosting is included. The pro of the GoDaddy Website Builder is that it is an easy tool to use. It works with a drag-and-drop system, and there are ready-to-use templates, which save time for new business owners. GoDaddy offers an integrated photo library enabling business owners to use professional photos for their website.

One can work on the website from any device with any size screen, making it easily accessible from anywhere in the world. The con of GoDaddy is that it does not necessarily offer as many features as some of the other website builders on this list.


Squarespace homepage

Squarespace is a very popular, professional website builder. The pros of Squarespace are that it’s user-friendly and known for great designs and ease of use. They offer secure hosting options as well as many design options. Squarespace also offers e-commerce and online store plans.

A con of Squarespace is that it does not offer many integrations with third-party services. This can be limiting when trying to grow one’s business. They have limited payment gateways when it comes to the online store options, and additional ones can not be added.


Shopify landing page

This is a very popular website builder that caters specifically to online stores and e-commerce businesses. They have over 1 million active users, and over $40 billion worth of products have been sold on their platform. A pro of Shopify is that it is a one-stop-shop solution. They offer hosting services and integrated payment solutions.

Shopify has features like full inventory management, adding unlimited products, powerful stats, easy marketing tools, and hundreds of designs to choose from. The cons of Shopify are that it’s more expensive for startups, and it’s extremely difficult to move one’s website to another platform, almost impossible.

WordPress homepage

WordPress is one of the biggest blogging and website hosts on the market. is known for its great software that takes care of backups and updates on the websites. A pro of is that they have great free and paid plans. There are many themes to choose from, and any theme can be customized to your liking.

This is a great platform for bloggers and writers. The cons of are that for better features, one would need to upgrade to their business plan. Premium and lower packages do not have the option of their e-commerce stores.


Weebly homepage

Weebly is another great website builder that is easy to use and that has many design options. Weebly’s pros are that they offer a fully hosted platform as well as software that takes care of all the hosting needs. This is a great feature for busy entrepreneurs. They also offer many design options that are fully editable. They support e-commerce stores that are easily set up.

Weebly has been rated as one of the best DIY website builders. A con of Weebly is that one has to use their hosting options and the features it offers. They also charge a 3% transaction fee for every purchase on the online store. Only an upgraded plan will save one from these fees.


When choosing a website builder for your business, it is important to research the products they offer. Analyzing business needs and what goal the website should achieve is an important step in choosing the right website builder.