Empire Season 7, starring Terrence Howard and  Taraji P. Henson, Release Date, Plot, Storyline, Cast Details and More.


The quarantine life has taught us that we can only turn to a few things which can bring us happiness. These are reading books, playing video games or binging on TV shows. One of the most acclaimed American Musical dramas has to be Empire, which was created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong for Fox entertainment. The story featured a magnificent cast and almost weaved a Shakespearean tale weaved with beautiful music and drama. The first season we were released in 2015, and since then it has been a hit.

All seasons of the series are available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar, and it has remained trendy till date. Season 6 recently finished airing in April 2020, and we are wondering as to when shall the next season release. Although the makers have not told us anything regarding the following season, we can still hope to see something.

Release Date: Empire Season 7

The sixth season of the show recently aired on September 24th and ended sometime in April, this year. But as far as we saw the social media posts of the actors of the show, we can say that it might be the last one. The sixth season had to get capped at the 18th episode due to the ongoing pandemic crisis.

From various social media posts and sources, we have come to know that season 7 of Empire has got officially cancelled. But it does not mean that the whole saga of the show has ended. The creators are thinking about a spinoff film which can get made for the show as a tribute legacy. The show has over 17 million fans worldwide, and thus it is possible to think about something like this idea. The show has had a conclusive ending. Therefore the makers are not exceeding it beyond a point anymore. However, we should not lose hope, as the makers can easily make a spinoff for the fans worldwide.

Storyline: Empire

When the CEO of Empire Entertainment called Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) comes to know of his early death, he gets forced to choose to form his pack of children a successor. Lyon is a hip hop king and a former drug dealer, but a specific medical condition makes a dent in his face. His dynasty is now to be left behind among his children, but he chooses to groom only one of them. Empire CFO Andre, R&B singer and songwriter Jamal and rapper Hakeem are his children, who are capable of taking over the family legacy. A twist in the tale happens when Lyon’s ex-wife gets released from the prison after serving a sentence for 17 years. A family drama ensues when three children get pitted against each other, and the ex-wife to comes to take control of both the company and children.

Plot: Empire Season 7

as we already know, season 7 might not happen anymore, as they have wrapped up the series by season 6. But we might get to see a spinoff which will feature the majority of the cast in their roles and will give the fans a chance to see their favourite stars yet again.

Characters: Empire


  • Terrence Howard playing as Lucious Lyon
    Lyon is The CEO of Empire Entertainment and a former drug dealer, who deals with a dent in his life after he gets diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He now has to choose a progeny who will take over the family business.
  •  Taraji P. Henson playing as Loretha “Cookie” Lyon
    She plays Lyon’s wife and the mother of his children. She got convicted de to her husband’s drug dealing affair and served a 17-year extended sentence in prison. She returns to the family and is now hellbent on bringing the family together. A lot of drama ensues when she starts her record label, and then a clash between her family happens.
  • Bryshere Y. Grey playing as Hakeem Lyon
    Hakeem plays Lucious’ fame-obsessed youngest son and his favourite child, who is a hip hop rapper on the rise. Hakeem has a troubled relationship with both his parents, but later on, becomes friendly towards his mother. He is the closest to his elder brother Jamal.
  • Jussie Smollett playing as Jamal Lyon (seasons 1–5)

Jamal is the middle son of the Lyon family, and he plays a gay singer-songwriter in the series. He has a rocky relationship with his father as he considers him to the black sheep of the family. He does not appear for the sixth season due to reasons unknown.

  • Trie Bayers plying as Andre Lyon

Andre plays the eldest son of the family, and he is the CFO of Empire entertainment. He has bipolar disorder, but he is an ambitious fellow. He is married to Rhonda, who he later divorces in the next few seasons.

Empire might not be back for the next season, but keep your hopes up.

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