Glitch Techs Season 3, voicing cast like Ricardo Hurtado and Monica Ray return to the franchise, Release Date, Cast, Episode, and Plot


Animated series has had fans of people from all age groups. You will get happy knowing this TV series. “Glitch Techs” is an animated tv series devised by Eric Robles and Dan Milano. Moreover, as you can guess from the name, this story is about a crazy crew known as Glitch Techs. The primary duty of them is to fix the bugs and glitched in video games. Eventually, the fanatics loved this series for being colourful, upbeat, humorous.

Thus the reviews were all positive from the viewers for this series called Glitch Techs. Moreover, the sparkling characters and a brusque plot attracted not only the small kids but also teenagers and adults. Eventually, as the series became famous and loved by all the team launched two series back to back seasons. And at present, all of us are eagerly waiting for the next season. They created this series created for Netflix and Nickelodeon. A lot more exciting and interesting things happen as this beautiful story passes by.

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“Glitch Techs Season 3”: Release Date

The Second season of Glitch Techs released all over the world on Netflix during 17 August 2020. Moreover, this season left us all in a cliffhanger. And also, each season consists of 10 episodes lasting for thirty minutes on the whole. Knowing that the main target is the younger audience and kids, a lot of kids mainly get attached and attracted to the plot.

Moreover, people started to wait after the name and fame it got just after few months of its release. But due to the worldwide global pandemic Covid-19, the production works are at stake. However, there is no official confirmation on the launch date for the third season. But we can expect the release soon at around 2021 if things go well at the later parts of this year. I hope that all of us will soon hear a piece of good news from the Glitch Techs team!

“Glitch Techs Season 3”: Cast

A lot many old and new appearances occur in this season 3. Kudos to all the below-mentioned characters for their mesmerising works. Moreover, the leading voice-over of “Glitch Techs Season 3” will contain the following stars:

  • Ricardo Hurtado plays as  Hector Nieves (or) Five aka Hi-5
  • Monica Ray plays as  Miko Kubota (or) Me-K.O
  • Scott Kreamer plays as Phil
  • Dan Milano plays as Bitt
  • Luke Youngblood plays as Mitch Williams
  • Sandeep Parikh plays as Haneesh
  • Zehra Fazal plays a dual role as Zahra and Sabrina
  • Greg Nix plays as Nix
  • Josh Sussman plays as Bergy
  • Felicia Day plays a dual role as Emma and Simi
  • Betsy Sodaro plays the role of Inspector 7

“Glitch Techs Season 3”: Plot

The two protagonists Five and Miko live in the imaginary city of Bailley. Moreover, they together do their job at a video game company. But suddenly one day unknowingly they meet the Glitch Techs team and become a member. Joining the unit is not that easy for them; they face a lot and a lot of problems and pressure. Moreover, some glitches have monsters from the video game to the real living world. Eventually, the team use their experience and knowledge in gaming skills to battle against all the odds. The third season will continue from the finale of the previous season.

Enjoy watching the previous series and do wait for the release to know more about the “Glitch Techs Season 3”!

“Glitch Techs Season 3”: Storyline

As we already know the story revolves around the teens’ Hector (High Five) Nieves and Miko
(Me-K.O). Moreover, the story started at a place called Kubota in Bailley. And at this place, there is a group of people who deal with the glitches secretly. Thus it makes the video game characters to get into the human world without any warning or caution. The manifestations of the characters are due to the affected games coding, which tends to bring back chaos and create destruction. Thus to permanently stop these Glitches, there is a specialised team called Glitch Techs.

However, working on a game store all they could do is to use their gaming logics and other equipment so that they could win. But do not think that their work is over here after the capturing and destroying of the glitches. However, they still have to correct all the leftover damages. And also, delete any leftover memories to prevent further confusion. The two protagonists mentioned in the first para later joins the team and helps the others avoid accidents. These two follow up their gaming passion and unintentionally ends up in the group of Glitches. A lot more things happen which would be a spoiler if said!

“Glitch Techs Season 3”: Trailer

Dive into the trailer of the previous season to know more on “Glitch Techs Season 3” and its attractive kid-friendly characters!





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