How To Display Reviews as Stars on Google

Online company ratings have grown to be of utmost importance since consumers enjoy reading the thoughts of others who have had the same experiences. Do you know that most consumers will steer clear of a good or service if they cannot locate an internet review? By doing this, they can spend as little money as possible while avoiding uncomfortable situations.

Many individuals will initially visit Google to post or read reviews. These reviews can significantly improve your company’s performance and trustworthiness without costing anything. Whether they like a service or not, people these days will give online reviews of the ones they have used.

Putting up positive reviews on Google is a great move because it allows the customers to see what’s so great about your business right from the search page. Such reviews will greatly benefit your company’s growth, and you can even pick and choose those you wish to add.


AddStars website

One tool that can help you in making the most of those reviews is AddStars. AddStars compiles and displays all of your reviews. You can have every one of your reviews appear on Google’s organic search. All of those positive reviews will show up as yellow stars on Google.  This tool’s incredible ability to compile your reviews from numerous platforms makes it so great. Platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp are all included in this.

This will give you an upper hand, as potential customers and collaborators can see that others trust you and want to do business with you. To get this fantastic tool, all you have to do is select a plan, then complete your online transaction. You will receive an email with your login details when you log in to your individual dashboard.

Plus you don’t have to worry at all if you have little or no experience. The platform is easy-to-use and beginner friendly. Simply add the distinct ID to your website. There are clips available to help, or your web developer can complete all the steps in a few minutes if you can’t spare the time.

Online reviews are a great tool for search engine optimization (SEO), helping your business show up among the top results when a user searches for details on comparable goods or services.

How to make the best out of it?

In addition to just showcasing the reviews, make a point of replying to some, if not all, of your customers’ reviews. According to studies, customers are more likely to trust businesses that reply to their evaluations than those that do not. You should attempt to be succinct and kind when responding to a specific review because what you write will be seen by everyone.

Final thoughts

If you want to make sure the right people find your business, AddStars is a must-have tool. It’s super simple to use and will carry out most of the work for you.