UPDF: The Best PDF Expert Alternative

If you are looking for a proper PDF Expert alternative, you have come to the right place. Various great apps on the market enable you to read PDF files, but not as many allow you to edit PDF files, convert them or take notes. But don’t worry; we have an all-inclusive app for you.

What is PDF Expert?

To start with, we will shortly describe what PDF Expert is and what it can do. It’s a PDF reader and editor compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It has over 30 million users and numerous features that allow you to edit PDF files, annotate them, take notes, convert, sign, comment, add images, and many more.

But the problem appears if you own a Windows laptop or an Android phone. There are no available versions for these two, so users have to find another option. Luckily for you, we have an amazing solution if you are one of them.

What is the best alternative to  PDF Expert?

UPDF homepage

UPDF is a PDF editor designed for all platforms, which means it will work flawlessly on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This is more than just a regular PDF reader and editor. It enables you to edit, organize, convert, annotate and sign your PDF files with OCR.

You will never again have to waste your money on separate PDF editors for Windows and Mac because this platform will provide you with the service for all your devices with only one purchase. With UPDF, you will significantly increase productivity on all platforms and improve your workflow.

How does it work?

For starters, you can edit every single element in a PDF document. You can add or delete text, change the size, color or font, and do all sorts of things with images, such as adding, rotating, cropping, replacing, deleting, or extracting them from the file. Another cool thing is that you can also add or edit links and watermarks. You can even crop the pages of the file and make sure that they fit the needed parameters.

UPDF also lets you edit the PDF that was scanned or in a picture format. To do that, you only need to run OCR and convert all parts of the file. A really helpful feature of UPDF is that it recognizes more than 30 world languages on both Windows and Mac.

UPDF features

Furthermore, if you worry about the safety of your PDF, you can add a password to it, restrict access to it and protect it by choosing if you allow the users to open it, copy the content, print it, or edit it. Also, you can convert your PDF to any other format, such as Word, Text, PowerPoint, Excel, Image, HTML, XML, CSV, or other with OCR.

Last but not least, UPDF allows you to enhance every single piece of text by underlining, striking out, or highlighting. You can even add new text boxes, stickers, various shapes, or notes. If you need to add your signature to the PDF, you can do that as well.


With UPDF, organizing your PDF files will become a piece of cake. Edit, add, delete, rotate, replate, crop, sign, insert pages, and so much more, all with one tool. You can purchase UPDF now and have lifetime access to it and edit thousands of PDF files.