How to Check Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights (2023)

Instagram, the popular social media platform, continues to evolve its features to offer users a more engaging and interactive experience. Among Instagram Reels and Posts, one such engaging feature that captivates users is Instagram Highlights, allowing individuals and businesses to showcase their most memorable and important stories on their profiles. While Instagram provides analytics for regular story views, checking who viewed your Highlights can be a bit trickier. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore methods to unravel this mystery and learn how to check who viewed your Instagram Highlights in 2023.

Understanding Instagram Highlights

1. Understanding Instagram Highlights

Highlighting Your Stories

   – Instagram Highlights serve as a curated collection of your past stories, allowing you to showcase them on your profile beyond the traditional 24-hour story lifespan. They are visible to your followers and anyone who visits your profile.

Story Analytics vs. Highlights

   – While Instagram provides insights into who viewed your regular stories, the platform doesn’t offer a built-in feature to see who specifically viewed your Highlights. To bridge this gap, users often turn to third-party tools and creative workarounds.

2. Using Instagram Insights for Stories

Story Views Analytics

   – Instagram Insights provides analytics for your regular stories, including the number of views and the accounts that viewed them. While this information doesn’t directly apply to Highlights, it can offer insights into the general engagement with your content.

Understanding Reach and Impressions

   – Instagram Insights also provides metrics such as “Reach” and “Impressions” for stories. Reach represents the total number of unique accounts that viewed your story, while Impressions indicate the total number of views, including multiple views from the same account.

3. Third-Party Apps and Websites

Cautionary Note

   – Before exploring third-party apps or websites claiming to reveal who viewed your Highlights, exercise caution. Some of these services may violate Instagram’s terms of service and compromise the security of your account.

Unofficial Solutions

   – Various third-party apps and websites claim to provide insights into your Instagram Highlights views. Users can search for these tools online, but it’s essential to carefully research and read reviews to ensure their legitimacy and safety.

Authentication Risks

   – Be wary of services that require you to log in with your Instagram credentials. Sharing your login information with third-party apps poses significant security risks, including potential unauthorized access to your account.

Direct Interaction with Followers

4. Direct Interaction with Followers

Encourage Engagement

   – While not a direct method to see who viewed your Highlights, engaging directly with your followers can provide insights. Encourage your audience to interact with your content by asking questions or using interactive features in your stories.

Monitoring Direct Messages

   – Users who are genuinely interested in your content may reach out to you directly through Instagram Direct Messages. Monitoring your DMs can offer a more personal understanding of your audience’s engagement with your Highlights.

5. Instagram Feature Requests

User Feedback and Feature Requests

   – Instagram often introduces new features based on user feedback and requests. While the platform may not currently offer a direct way to see who viewed your Highlights, expressing this desire through official channels, such as feature requests or feedback submissions, might influence future updates.

Staying Informed

   – Stay informed about Instagram updates by following official Instagram blogs, social media announcements, or community forums. Instagram occasionally introduces new features or enhances existing ones to cater to user preferences.

6. Privacy Considerations

Respecting User Privacy

   – It’s crucial to respect the privacy of other Instagram users. Instagram’s design prioritizes user privacy, and attempting to access information about who viewed your Highlights without their consent may infringe on these principles.

Focus on Engagement Metrics

   – Instead of fixating on individual views, focus on overall engagement metrics provided by Instagram Insights. Analyzing these metrics can help you understand the impact of your content and tailor your strategy to cater to your audience’s preferences.


As of 2023, Instagram does not provide a direct and official method to see who viewed your Highlights. Users must navigate this uncharted territory with caution, considering privacy, security, and adherence to Instagram’s terms of service. While third-party tools may promise insights, the risks associated with them outweigh the potential benefits. Instagram Insights offers valuable information on overall engagement, providing a holistic view of your audience’s interaction with your content. As the platform continues to evolve, users can express their desires for new features through official channels and stay informed about updates that may address the elusive quest of discovering who viewed Instagram Highlights.