Top Three Instagram Reels Downloaders

Growth of short videos across social media platforms in the past months has been noticed by users, creators and digital marketing experts. Different concepts and ideas are finding their way into short, catchy content that millions of users view.

Many creators decided to create compilations and reuse others’ material for their Reels videos. If you are among them, our list of top 3 Instagram Reels downloaders will be convenient since Instagram doesn’t have a feature that allows you to download Reels from the platform. mobile page on a mobile Safari browser


A synonym for downloading videos from any platform out there is iTubego. It comes as desktop software for Windows and Mac and is also available for Android devices. With iTubego, you can download Instagram Reels in popular MP3, MP4, MOV, and M4A formats.

The software is easy to use and allows you to convert downloaded videos. This way, you can get HD videos or even MP3 if you only need sound for your next short video project. It has a built-in feature allowing you to take cuts from a specific video by giving starting and ending times of the insert. This tool is convenient since it supports dozens of platforms, such as Facebook and TikTok.


SnapDownloader comes only on desktop, so if you are looking for a downloader that you can use from your phone, you will need another tool. SnapDownloader made it to our list because of the scheduling feature, which allows you to schedule the timing of your download.

Videos can be downloaded even in 8K resolution, so displaying them on big screens afterwards can be done without a sweat. Supported video formats are MP4, M4A, and AAC, and you can use this tool to get the sound of a Reel video in the MP3 format. Even though the tool is very advanced, it sometimes gets slow, so patience is needed if you plan to use it daily.

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4K Stogram

Compared to the other tools on this list, 4K Stogram is the most accessible since you can use it from a browser. It does come as software for Windows and Mac, yet you can use it from any browser on any device. This tool allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously, which is excellent if you gather a bunch of material at once.

A neat feature is anonymous browsing of stories, which is helpful if you don’t want your competition to know you were taking a sneak peek at their latest story. Suppose you want to look for Reels from a specific location or related to a particular hashtag. This tool will become your favourite since it allows you to browse and download content based on such parameters.


The explosion of Instagram Reels is still ongoing, and there are no signals that this type of content will stop growing. With a potential reach of a few million people, it is a way to reach new audiences and promote your services and products. When downloading Instagram Reels, ensure you don’t commit copyright violations and correctly credit authors of original videos.