How to make money through telegram 2020

you are here to know about the ways to earn money through telegram, then you must be totally familiar with the app. Briefly explaining, Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app with a high level of information security. It is suitable for both mobile and desktop.

Telegram is no way less than any other apps in terms of communication and monetization, which is the reason it is getting popular among individuals. So, why not take advantage of this app to fill your pockets with your own earned money.

Here, We have shortlisted some of the popular ways of making money through telegram. Let’s get into it.

Best Ways To Make Money From Telegram 

  1. Sell your products and services.
  2. Paid subscription.
  3. Donations.
  4. Sell ads.
  5. Sell your channel.
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Paid post.
  8. Link shortening services.


1:- Sell your products and services: Telegram is favorable to sell your products or services to a large number of people because of its user engagement capacity. This platform gives you educated and compassionate customers who could really show interest in the services you offer.

2:- Paid subscription: Under this, you could offer some extra services to the members of your channel through a paid subscription. Which means that you can make two different accounts, of which one could be public where contents are available for free and another account which is private and only those who subscribe it by paying a certain amount of money, can get access to it. If you provide some extra amazing content on your private channel, people will sure subscribe to it.

3:- Donations: Another popular way of earning through Telegram is a donation. Suppose you are a good content writer, and you post for free. If the content is loved by the people, you can ask them for donations if they want further posts like the earlier one. If your content is really appealing, people will be ready to donate without any doubt.

4:- Sell ads: If you have more than the required number of members on your Telegram Channel, you can definitely earn by posting promotional posts on your channel. You could promote other channels and get paid for the same. This is an easy way of earning if your channel is famous and can attract a large number of people.

5:- Sell your channel: If you are an expert in attracting people to your channel then this technique is worthy for you to earn money. You can start a channel and post good content. After getting a good number of Subscribers or members on it you can sell the channel to others for a higher amount. And then you can again start a new channel and repeat the same. Believe me, this method is really popular nowadays.

6:- Affiliate marketing: Telegram is a good platform for affiliate marketing because of its excellent user engagement. You can sell any product or brand of your choice of a third party like Amazon or Flipkart etc through telegram. You Get Commission on every sale that was made through you.

7:- Paid post: The paid post is similar to selling ads with the only difference being that with the paid posts you get 100% amount for your post like that on other social platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

8:- Link shortening services: You can also earn by sharing the paid link of any website on your Telegram Channel where you get paid for every click. You can do this with the help of link shortening services, which helps you to shorten the link for easy sharing.

With this, we have come to the end of this article How to make money from Telegram. Hope you liked the above techniques of making money through telegram. Wishing you good luck if you are going to apply any of these methods. But remember, only patience and hard work pay off. So keep going.