Current Logo Design Trends That Will Make Your Brand Memorable

The first step towards a recognizable brand is a striking logo. It reflects who you are and what your brand is about. A logo usually includes corporate colors and its style matches your overall aesthetics. If you’re starting your brand in 2021, you should what’s trending to make sure you’ll capture the interest of potential customers from the very beginning.


white and black laptop

Simplicity and minimalism became popular a few years ago, but have risen through the ranks and became the most prevalent design trend of 2021. The minimalistic approach works for all types of industries and offers a lot of flexibility. This trend finds inspiration from earlier movements in the fields of fine art and simple human-computer interaction.

It represents an attempt to prioritize the content before everything else. The fundamental rule is to create and style fewer elements, such as using few words and simple shapes.

Some logos are hard to read or have text scattered around, so you don’t even know what the message is – unless you’re an expert in cryptography. With a minimalistic approach, there are no such problems. After all, with a unique and minimalistic logo, your customers will always recognize you.  

Unique fonts

There are tons of fonts you can use to style your text. But, if you really want to stand out from competitors with your brand, you should definitely use a unique logo that matches the profile of your brand. In combination with a minimalistic approach, but only using words, you can create a stunning logo. 

If you want to create this type of logo – use a standard font library that includes small letter corrections, and after that create a unique letter style and apply it. This way, you get more creative direction of your words, and your logo will be unique and remembered. 


paint sample

Before 2020, lots of brands used only a few colors for their logo and overall branding. However, in the past year, people started using gradient colors on their logos. The main reason this trend became so popular in a short time is that the brand wanted to save their unique style but also wanted to become more eye-catching.

Using gradients for your brand logo design is a great idea, and the right choice of colors will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

These color gradients can create a similar 3D feel (of course if properly and professionally applied). These logos are interesting, but you should keep in mind that printing them could be hard. However, the best solution for your gradient logo is to use two complementary colors, but it’s also possible to include up to three or four colors to create a modern brand feeling. 


Sometimes, creating a logo for a client is easier than creating one for your personal brand. However, when you want to create a brand logo, you have to think about balance. These types of logos elicit trust and look quite professional. These logos are pretty strict and have a whole system of development.

The main rule that is applied, regardless of the number of elements a logo will have, is that all of the elements are color balanced and well composed. This style of logo is the best if you have an established brand, product, or service. 

Text destruction

A statement of words

Deciding on a destructive style will probably help you stand out in the crowd. These types of logos include a destruction effect and transformed letters. The main advantage is that this style is unique and has the power of individuality. With this style, you’re free to include your feelings and reflect them through your brand.

You’re also free to include as many creative elements as you want in your logo. Destructive logos have a specific psychological impact on your customers, and if you want to have a particular feeling connected with your brand, then this styling approach is definitely for you. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your brand or updating an existing one, you should be aware of future trends and approaches. If you’re familiar with them, then creating or updating your logo will be a simple process. Decide the future trajectory of your brand, apply the trends, and you’ll have a successful brand in 2021.