Top 6 Must-Have Code Testing Tools

When performing routine coding work, a small omission can happen to anyone, but that small omission can hurt the entire program. It is always good to be careful both during and after development to ensure a good release and to space out your work. When it comes to coding, even a small mistake can ruin your day. In the worst-case scenario, it might take you hours and hours to review your code and notice this minor irregularity.

Thankfully, to make sure that doesn’t happen, people created code testing tools, which will notify and ensure that no mistakes slip you by. Since there are so many tools out there, we decided to make your life a bit easier, and we created this article in which we will introduce you to the top 6 must-have code testing tools.


Mocha homepage

The first suggestion on our list is Mocha. It has a plethora of capabilities that will help you when building any kind of test script. With Mocha, you can do simple but effective tests which will ensure that your code is free of any and all bugs.

It has the ability to help you with the JavaScript test framework, and it can run Node.js tests easily. Also, it will provide you with powerful reporting scripts that will look for any mistakes. In case Mocha finds any during the run time of the script, it will immediately notify you when files need to be modified. Trust us, and make sure you go and check it out for yourself.


Karma homepage

Another tool that will help you with debugging and testing your framework is Karma. With this tool, you can easily evaluate your raw data and compare it with test code on every computer, device, or browser that you are connected to. Because you are so interconnected, this will allow you to see which devices had successful checks and which failed. Each check is inspected and reported to the programmer through its internal structure, ensuring fast problem recognition.


Selenium testing website

Selenium will rock your world with its open-source availability and flexibility. It offers you a replay feature for developing performance testing without any need to truly understand a programing language. Having said that, to use this tool, you still need to know a little bit of Java to get things moving, but other than that, it should be smooth sailing even if you are not a tech wiz. It is also important to mention that this tool has a complete integrated development environment making it easy to customize.


Jasmine homepage

Jasmine is another code testing tool that will help you when ensuring that your JavaScript or Python code is running smoothly as butter. What sets Jasmine apart from other code testing tools is its extremely low overhead and absolutely no external dependencies. This code tester is super easy to set up as everything comes prepackaged.


Chai homepage

In essence, Chai is a cozy BDD/TDD assertion library for Node. But since it is so easily incorporated into javascripts testing framework, it is a perfect match for this list. With multiple interfaces and the ability to modify it with additional plugins, you can ensure that Chai becomes a great fit for you and your workflow, and when it comes to setup, Chai is simply stellar. With a bunch of dedicated video walkthroughs, we can ensure that you won’t get stuck in the process.


QUnit homepage

If you are looking for another minimalist code checker that requires zero setup when it comes to Node.js projects, then make sure you check out QUnit. With a flexible API and the ability to run tests from nearly anywhere, this no-frills tool might turn out to be your new coding buddy,


After reading this article and getting acquainted with 6 super tools that will help keep you in check during coding. Now that you read this article make sure you don’t procrastinate and try them for yourself. We are sure you will enjoy having a little help at your service no matter the time of the day or night.