PropellerAds – eCPM Rates 2020

PropellerAds – is a well-known and trusted ad network established in 2011. What is truly remarkable about this platform is that it allows you to monetize literally everything! Websites, mobile apps, browser extensions, games, and even your social media pages, although the greatest ingenuity of PropellerAds is a possibility to monetize traffic from 404 pages with the help of full-screen ads.



Technical issues

One of the top reasons the CPM rate is sliding down is proxy traffic. It means your website is getting many visitors who are browsing privately: no real IP address of the user or real geolocation can be detected.

Payment Rules and Propeller Ads Payment Proof

You can track your earnings via Propeller Ads’ dashboard which displays charts of your income in real-time.

The payment process is based on NET 30 terms what basically means you will be getting your revenue automatically every month once you have the required minimum of money for that.

I have been fortunate enough make a decent earning from my blog through Propellerads. The payment attached below is what i earned in February. I may not be allowed to reveal this but i had a lowest revenue in March and it was 250 USD. I noticed a big drop in ad revenue after the latest google update but somehow it been climbing back up again.