How Can Small Businesses Find and Convert Leads

Successfully marketing a new small business can be immensely challenging. Creative ways to cut costs combined with calculated directives to market cost-efficiently can help you put more of your earnings towards development. Here are a few different approaches that can help you advance your marketing reach and generate more revenue for your small business.

Pursue Phone Leads

In service and enterprise sales sectors, purchasing lead sources can provide a steady stream of new business. Making direct contact with your target base of prospective customers can be challenging, so this option is a shortcut. If you want to avoid buying lead information, you may be able to do some of your own legwork to identify the business or demographic groups that you’re trying to engage.

Phone outreach typically requires a group effort in order to produce appreciable results, so you’ll need help from a few personnel who have a strong command of your sales process. Using an Ooma VoIP phone system can make multiline setups more affordable and user-friendly. If you don’t have adequate in-house support for phone sales, consider trying to outsource. Be ready to take remedial action right away if outsourcing doesn’t yield a satisfactory number of lead conversions.

Network With Businesses in Your Community

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Participating in local professional and small business associations can be an affordable and effective way to engage a local community of businesses. To connect with businesses via phone or mail, check out business directories to narrow companies down by their field. Also, you can look at your state’s corporate filings. Typically, business entities need to make annual reports that contain the names and contact information of officers and directors.

Use Direct Mail

The prospect of a direct mail campaign may seem cost-prohibitive to many small business owners who are still making their way through the early days of their operations when revenue is uncertain. However, it’s important to recognize that email outreach has especially high response rates. In this respect, you may get a better return on your investment. If you’re operating a service company in a fixed geographic area, sending out marketing materials through direct mail establishes a strong marketing presence.

You can distribute materials to a particular radius around your business or do a narrower canvas by sending them to property owners. You can ascertain ownership with a county assessor’s records. Finding and converting leads may not come easily at first. Strategic targeting could ultimately spare you from considerable frustration and expense.